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Service Area

Our current charter provides us with a field of membership that includes people who live or work in:

Wisconsin Counties
Eau Claire County
Chippewa County
Barron County
Buffalo County
Burnett County
Clark County
Dunn County
Jackson County
Marathon County
Pierce County
Pepin County
Polk County
Rusk County
St. Croix County
Taylor County
Trempealeau County
Washburn County
Wood County

Minnesota Counties
Anoka County
Carver County
Chisago County
Dakota County
Goodhue County
Hennepin County
Olmsted County
Ramsey County
Scott County
Wabasha County
Washington County
Winona County


View our history book.

Royal Credit Union (RCU) was organized in April 1964 to serve employees of Uniroyal and their families. In November 1972, the Wisconsin Commissioner of Credit Unions gave RCU permission to add other employee groups to its membership and for the next two years, additional groups were added until there was a total of 27 groups. With this growth experienced by being able to serve more people, RCU applied for and was granted a community charter.

Membership has grown rapidly from the original 100 Uniroyal employees to over 150,000 community Members. RCU is a credit union that has always been known for strength and financial security.

Statement of Commitment

As a Member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative, RCU is committed to our Members. We will uphold our fundamental responsibility to actively serve people within our field of membership and the communities in which we live. We will continue to deliver a wide range of products and services to the diverse economic and social make-up of our Members and potential Members.

We will monitor and communicate our service to Members in a meaningful way so that Members, potential Members, legislators, regulators, and the community at-large will understand and appreciate the unique role that Member-owned financial cooperatives play in their lives.

RCU's strategic plan includes efforts that encourage our Members to become financially self-sufficient and successful. We will continue to place high importance on consumer education and financial thrift.

This Statement of Commitment to RCU Members is consistent with our credit union principles of "Not-for-Profit, Not-for-Charity, but for Service" and our philosophy of "People Helping People". This statement represents good business practices that ensure the financial strength of our credit union on behalf of our Members.

Section I: Service to Members

RCU strives to offer services designed to improve the economic and social well being of all Members from all socio-economic backgrounds and return financial value to all those who participate in our Member-owned financial cooperative.

Current or Existing Products and Services:

  • Savings Accounts
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • RCU Kid's Club
  • Money Market Accounts
  • Checking Accounts
  • ATM and Debit Cards
  • Wire Transfers
  • Check Copies
  • Temporary Checks
  • Non-Member Check Cashing
  • Direct Deposit
  • Payroll Deduction
  • Overdraft Protection (Kwik Cash)
  • Certificates
  • Traditional & Roth IRA
  • RCU Investment & Insurance Team
  • Visa Credit Cards
  • Loans (Car, Signature, Etc.)
  • Indirect Lending
  • Student Loans
  • Home Loans
  • Business Loans
  • Business Remote Deposit Captures
  • RCU Commercial Rewards Visa
  • Money Orders
  • Cashier Checks
  • Interactive Web Site
  • Online Account Opening
  • Online Account Access
  • Online Bill Paying Services
  • Statements
  • eAlerts
  • Mobile Banking
  • 24-Hour Telephone Access(CompuTeller)
  • Extended-Hour, Convenient Access
  • Member Surveys
  • Educational Seminars
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Credit Life Insurance
  • Debt Protection
  • VITA Tax Service
  • TurboTax Discount
  • Courtesy Pay
  • AD&D, GAP & Mechanical Breakdown Insurance
  • Prepaid Visa Cards

New Potential Services Planned for the Future:

  • Teen Accounts
  • More ATM Locations
  • Member Business Products
  • Lending to the Underserved
  • Aggregation of Accounts

Section II: Member Education

RCU is committed to Member and consumer financial education; in addition, we are committed to educating Members and consumers alike, about credit union uniqueness, philosophy, and values.

Current or Existing Programs:

Educational Seminars—RCU holds a number of educational seminars, which are typically free to our Members and non-Members. These seminars discuss a variety of topics and help participants become better financial consumers.

Home Buying Seminar—RCU's Home Loan Team conducts free home-buying seminars for Members and non-members. Participants learn what to expect when buying, building, or refinancing a home, including mortgage options, closing costs, and more.

Website—RCU's website contains valuable information about RCU services, along with valuable links to auto price guides, credit management advice, and financial calculators.

Newsletter Articles—Each quarter, our newsletter, On The Money, contains valuable information for Members related to practical and timely financial information.

Resource Library in RCU Lobbies—In each office lobby, RCU provides a resource center with educational publications and brochures as well as a computer to access our website and online account access services.

Community Presentations—RCU team members regularly visit local high schools, civic groups, and other organizations to conduct sessions related to important financial topics such as how to handle a checking account or how to save for future purchases.

Team Member Orientation—RCU provides a comprehensive orientation for new team members, which includes emphasis on credit union uniqueness and extensive service and sales training. In turn, team members convey this information to Members.

RCU School Sites—RCU is actively involved in over 25 local schools. RCU knows it is important to educate students about the importance of saving their money and to show how credit unions work. RCU School $ense allows these students to open accounts at RCU and deposit their saved money at least once a week based on the school. We hire a number of student tellers and marketing students to do the actual transactions for each school. RCU also works with three high schools where we have a branch located inside each school. We hire juniors and seniors to work in each office, along with giving them additional opportunities to work within our other offices. Over the years, this program has allowed us to hire these employees after they graduate high school to work in the summer or as full-time RCU team members as they are going to college. In 2008, RCU was awarded the Business Friend of Education Award for our dedicated service to the students, schools, and communities of Wisconsin.

Volunteer Program—RCU recognizes Members who volunteer their time in community organizations and rewards them through discounted checking accounts and RCU logo wear.

Newspaper Articles—Various RCU team members write articles for local newspapers and publications sharing financial advice and general financial information.

Family Means Consumer Credit Counseling—RCU is a member of an alliance between the Wisconsin Credit Union League, Consumer Credit Counseling Services, and participating credit unions to provide viable credit counseling services to Members.

Senior Housing Service—RCU team members visit two elderly housing complexes, St. John's Apartments and Park Towers, providing check cashing services and selling postage stamps for Members and non-members.

Junior Achievement—Annually, team members participate in teaching various classes in the local school systems on not only financial matters, but also environmental, economic, and social matters.

Section III: Involvement/Governance

RCU will endeavor to preserve credit union principles, including demographic representation and volunteer participation in credit union activities.

Current or Existing Programs:

Board Elections—All board members are voted in by mail ballot, stressing full participation.

Board Education—RCU provides special training for the board members. One example is the Volunteer Achievement Program, a training program to help our Board of Directors understand credit unions and how they work. The board is required to attend one national conference per year to help complete these training modules. Some of the modules in the training program include board duties, managing risk, and management and board policy.

Annual Meeting—We invite the entire adult membership to our annual meeting where election results are announced for available seats on the Board of Directors. The membership is also updated with the achievements of the credit union from the past year. The annual report is printed and made available to Members.

Committee Involvement—RCU has several on-going committees and strongly encourage team members and board member participation. They are the Finance Committee, the Nominating Committee, the Member Business Loan Committee, the Building Committee, the Compensation Committee, the Supervisory Committee, and the Suggestion Committee.

Focus Group Participation—RCU holds various topic specific focus groups and invites Members and non-members to participate.

Money Smart Week—RCU is involved in Money Smart Week. This is a creation of the Governor's Council on Financial Literacy, a council created by Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle to help improve financial literacy in Wisconsin. Money Smart Week is held in April each year.

Surveys—Member and non-member surveys are conducted to seek information that RCU can use to improve products and services. Various topic specific surveys are also conducted as needed.

International Credit Union Day—RCU supports this international movement annually by having a celebration in all our offices and distributing media kits to the local media.

Campaign for Consumer Choice—RCU actively participated and monetarily supported the Credit Union Campaign for Consumer Choice. A credit union wide congressional letter writing campaign was initiated in 1998. Thousands of RCU Members and team members asked their congressional representative to support the RCU Members Access Act, HR 1151.

Credit Union Activists—RCU currently has over 80 credit union activists on staff. Activists are credit union supporters - staff, volunteers, members, and others - who are trained by and work in concert with the Wisconsin Credit Union League to protect and grow the credit union movement in our state.

New Programs Planned for the Future:

Board Elections—Board election voting via the Internet is being considered for Member vote ballots.

Section IV: Diversity

RCU operates as a democratically controlled, Member-owned cooperative by focusing management, staff, and volunteers on diversity in the leadership and staff of the credit union.

Current or Existing Programs:

Nominating Committee—The nominating committee strives to find Members from all types of backgrounds and views in order to ensure a diverse board of directors.

Equal Employment Opportunity—RCU actively seeks to fill vacancies by hiring qualified candidates without regard to race, creed, religion, or socio-economic status, seeking to represent the community in which we operate.

Spanish Speaking Members - RCU produced International Wire Service materials in both English and Spanish to help the growing number of Spanish speaking members.

Section V: Commitment to the Credit Union Movement

RCU works to build and strengthen our unique credit union movement by providing financial and in-kind resources to others within the credit union movement and in other appropriate public forums. In addition, RCU participates in local, state, and national cooperative activities as appropriate and strives to build and strengthen relationships with other sectors of the national cooperative movement.

Current or Existing Programs:

Chapter Meetings—RCU takes an active role in the Chippewa Valley Chapter, Seven Rivers Region Chapter, and Wisconsin Valley Chapter in Wisconsin and the Archer Doig Chapter in Minnesota by attending meetings, holding leadership roles, and participating in chapter sponsored activities.

Continuing Education for Staff—RCU encourages team members to attend seminars that pertain to their job and the workings of a credit union. In addition, RCU assists with undergraduate education so that team members may further their careers in the credit union.

ATM Networks—RCU is involved in Alliance One and Co-op Network which is a network of Wisconsin credit unions that do not charge each other's Members for ATM access.

Wisconsin Credit Union League—RCU team members and management are actively involved with board representation. We have three Chapter Presidents and several committee members and liaisons.

Minnesota Credit Union Network—RCU team members and management are actively involved with board representation.

National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors (NASCUS)—Members of our Board of Directors have been highly involved with this organization and have held various positions on the NASCUS Council.

Mentoring—RCU hosts numerous other credit union staffs, providing teaching, training, and conducting planning sessions.

Leadership Roles—RCU's senior management staff serves on several board of directors and covers many items for credit union organizations. For example, RCU's Senior Vice President of Business Services serves as President of the Chippewa Valley Chapter of Credit Unions and is on the Government Affairs Committee for the Wisconsin Credit Union League.

Section VI: Public Service/Corporate Citizenship

RCU is an active partner in the community. Each year, RCU makes financial and in-kind contributions and donations of over $100,000 to a number of eligible organizations.

In 2001, RCU was presented with the Paragon Award which recognizes an area business as a model of excellence in the economic development of our community. The program was designed by the Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corporation in an effort to increase community awareness of the quality businesses located in the Chippewa Valley.

Current or Existing Programs:

RCU Charity Classic—This annual event raises money for local, non-profit charities that are chosen by the RCU team members. Money is raised through registrations and pledges. Over the years, we have raised over $77,000 for various non-profit organizations in the communities we serve.

Eau Claire Downtown Revitalization— RCU played a crucial role in the revitalization of downtown Eau Claire with the building of their Corporate Center in 2004. RCU and the City of Eau Claire worked together to take unused land in the downtown area and create Phoenix Park at the confluence of the Eau Claire and Chippewa Rivers. This area has grown to include the RCU Corporate Center, Downtown Farmer's Market, bike paths, store fronts, and apartments.

Holiday Toy Drives—We ask our Members to donate items to be given to a variety of organizations annually during the holiday season.

Team Member Commitment to Volunteerism—RCU encourages all team members to volunteer time at local charitable organizations. Team members also organize teams for Relay for Life, American Heart Walk, Epilepsy Stroll, and other community fundraisers. Each year, RCU team members volunteer over 5,000 hours.

United Way—RCU supports the United Way in all the communities we serve. We are a pace-setter and 25 Business Best Company. Team members are asked to contribute money from their paychecks, along with contributing their time for many of their fundraisers. RCU also has many team members involved with planning community events for the United Way throughout the year.

Educational Financial Articles—RCU has published articles discouraging the use of high-rate pawnshops, payday lenders, and rent-to-own stores.

RCU also practices good corporate citizenship by:

  • Doing business with those that do business with us.
  • Providing space for community and civic groups to meet in our many conference rooms at our branches and Corporate Center.
  • Working with many of the local Main Street Associations and Chambers of Commerce, the Economic Development Corporation, Downtown Eau Claire, Inc, the UW Foundation Board, and the Eau Claire Foundation Board.

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