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$6.7M in fee reductions? Excuse us while we brag it up a little.

Posted on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

We've just gotten through the holidays, and all of their related potlucks, office parties, and fundraisers. Here in our home states of Wisconsin and Minnesota, you'll run into a lot of modest Midwestern folk at these get-togethers. Compliments tend to be received with a soft-spoken "This old thing? It was on sale!" And boasting about ourselves? It just isn't done.  

But sometimes, a story is worth sharing a little more loudly, and this is one of those times. So please indulge us while we do a little old-fashioned horn-tooting - because we want to share the kind of positive, bottom-line impact working with Royal can have for you, our Member!

Since the end of 2012 through the end 2015, we will have reduced fees by $6.7M.  And you know what's even cooler about the $6.7M number? Because we aren't replacing any old fees with new ones, Member savings will accrue, to the tune of $3.168M annually. I know this might sound uncharacteristically immodest, but - that's a pretty big deal.

I like stories. So rather than throw a bunch of numbers at you spreadsheet-style, listing out each fee that's gone the way of Hostess Banana Flips (I miss those!), I'd like to show you the savings you can realize just during a normal course of business with us.

Take Member A. We'll call her Jennifer. Jennifer is a working mother of three, who occasionally comes up a little short between paychecks. She utilizes our Kwik Cash service a few times a month. With the elimination of the $5 advance fee, Jennifer is hanging on to an additional $20 every month.

Jennifer and her husband rent a townhouse in the St. Croix Valley, and their landlord still prefers payment by paper check. This month, he never receives her check, so Jennifer promptly writes another. She calls Royal Credit Union to put a "stop payment" on the original. This service is no longer $25 - it's absolutely free. Jennifer's savings thus far? $45.

With one kiddo out sick for a few days, Jennifer completely spaces making her car loan payment. She calls us, and has a phone transfer made so she's able to stay current. There used to be a $25 charge to get this done, but now it's - zilch. In a very short period of time, Jennifer has saved a total of $70 working with Royal - enough for a small grocery run, a couple of tanks of gas, or a well-deserved dinner out with her husband. That's a meaningful impact on her life.

We're here to have a similar impact on yours. Everything we do is driven by our core values, and one of those values is to Do the Right Thing. Allowing you to hang on to more of your hard-earned money - we think that's a no-brainer. It's just the right thing to do.

If you have any thoughts you'd like to share, please call me at 715-833-8105 or 1-800-341-9911 ext. 8105. I'm always here to listen!


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