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Making a Difference

Posted on Saturday, November 1, 2014

I'm a big baseball fan. October is always one of my favorite times of the year because we get to watch the best teams in baseball square off in the World Series.

In baseball, statistics are everywhere, and seemingly everything that happens on the field is tallied, monitored, and analyzed. Baseball is indeed a game of numbers.

But numbers are not the reason most people love baseball. What makes baseball great are the stories that surround the game. Stories cannot be placed in a spreadsheet and sorted, but are vitally important because they are the only way we can put numbers into context. We eventually forget most of the statistics, but the stories last forever.

Every day at RCU, we look for ways to make a difference in the lives of our Members. I'd like to step back and let two of our Members share their own stories of how we helped make things easy for them. Bill Webber from Somerset tells us how keeping the process simple helped him expand his business:

I own a design/build landscape company called Backyard Paradise Landscaping LLC. This winter we began experiencing rapid growth in sales, and realized we would need a rather significant cash infusion to properly handle our new equipment and capital needs. After dealing with several banks and comparing rates and options, I was exhausted with the amount of paperwork and was at the point of "settling." That day I received a call from Scott Jones at RCU and made an appointment to see him within the hour. In 35 minutes, I did what took me 3 months with the other banks, and was able to obtain everything I needed at lower rates that day. Working with RCU has allowed me to double my business in less than one year!

Nicolle Sabatke-Orson and Chris Orson share what RCU's fee reductions and continued personal service have meant for them:

We were considering changing financials for a while as new fees kept showing up. We are glad that this is changing for the better at RCU. It is nice to see fees being reduced and/or disappearing. We have always enjoyed the continued connection of our local branch in Rice Lake, where we are able to talk with someone who we are familiar with.

Just like in baseball, it's the stories from our Members that make RCU great. We plan on sharing more of your experiences. RCU is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of our Members and the people in the communities we serve. If you have any suggestions, please call me at 715-833-8105 or 1-800-341-9911 ext. 8105.

Rudy Pereira, CEO

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