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Car Washing On A Budget

Finally, summer is right around the corner! That means you can get outside and wash your car without breaking the bank or freezing. For some, the automatic car wash is the only way they can get their car washed. Still, many might not know about a couple of alternatives that I’m going to tell you about today!

One of my favorite types of car washes to go to is the self-wash style. You put $5 in and get a set amount of time to wash your car. For $5 and about 5-8 minutes to wash your car, you can’t go wrong. To take advantage of this process, bringing your own soap mitt helps make your car shine like never before – just make sure to rinse off all of the dirt before using it!

Another alternative to save you even more cash (if you have a water hose, that is) is to go and pick up car wash soap ($5-$10), a washing mitt ($5), and a bucket ($4). For the first wash it will be more expensive than if you went to a regular touchless wash, but the soap will last quite a few washes. The first step is to rinse off your car, add a little soap into the bucket with the mitt, fill it up and scrub your car clean. This method is my favorite by far because I know for sure that any gunk on my car is being washed away, because I'm the one doing it.

Whichever method you decide to choose, you will end up saving money! Your car and wallet will thank you. Not only is washing your car a great way to spend an afternoon, but you can also make it a good time with friends. Trust me, you will be sure to have a smile on your face after seeing that brand new car shine, that you did yourself.

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