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Get Extra Cash For Summer

With spring in our laps, summer is finally just around the corner. That means your spring semester of college is just about finished! Do you have plans to earn some extra cash this summer? Are you continuing to work for your current employer, finding a new summer job, or just enjoying summer to the fullest? To help push you in the right direction for some extra spending money, I’ve put together three tips to make it easier.

Donate Plasma

The first tip I have is to look into donating plasma. Plasma is the part of your blood that consists of proteins and water and helps control bleeding and infection. After donating plasma, it goes to therapeutics that helps treat many different disorders. Not only will you be making some extra money, you will also help save lives! If you’re interested in donating plasma, find a center near you.

Sell Stuff

Many of us have a lot of extra things lying around that could be worth a couple bucks. Whether it’s an old game console you don’t play anymore or clothes you no longer wear, you’ll surely be able to earn something for them! Facebook Marketplace is a great place to sell items locally so you don’t have to worry about shipping anything. Of course, there is also eBay where you can list those “barely worn” tennis shoes. Be sure to keep in mind that eBay fees take a percentage of what you sell your item for, so Facebook Marketplace may be your best bet.

Browse Free Items

Remember Facebook Marketplace that I mentioned earlier? We’ll be using that for this tip as well. Before listing items on Marketplace, you have to find items to list. If you’re familiar with Craigslist, you may know that you can list free items. Take a look at these free items, find a couple things that you think you will be able to make some money on, and go pick them up.

Once you have the free things you’d like to sell, snap a couple pictures and upload them to the Marketplace. All you have to do now is wait for some buyers! This may seem like a lot of work, but you may just make some good money from it.

Whatever you decide to do this summer, be sure to get something out of it! If you already have a job, ask for more hours, that way you won’t have to worry as much about money during college. Work hard and it will get you somewhere, that’s for sure. Make this summer incredible.

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