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A Fresh Perspective On The Credit Union Difference

Learn more about how credit unions are different from other types of financials.


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On the surface credit unions look similar to a bank, kind of like a scratch off lottery ticket. Both types of financials accept deposits, make loans, and provide a wide variety of other financial services - this is the silver stuff on your lottery ticket you have to scratch off. But, when you get below the surface there are some things that make credit unions very different from other financials - these differences are the $500 you are hoping to win.

Member Owned

If I had to choose our biggest difference I would say it’s you, our Members. As a Member you are part owner of Royal which means you have voting rights when it comes to a major credit union decisions. Our Board of Directors is elected by the credit union membership to represent you and keep your best interest in mind as we grow and develop.

Community Involvement

This is another area that sets credit unions apart. Helping to strengthen the communities where our Members live is close to our heart. Whether its donations for community improvements, volunteering our time to staff events, hosting community events like Rock the Riverfront that benefit other organizations, or providing financial education to hundreds of students a year, we are striving to make a difference.

Not-For-Profit Financial Cooperatives

To break it down, this means that we do make a profit, but most of that money gets returned to our members in forms of higher savings rates, lower rates on loans, and little to no fees (saving credit union members about $9.3 billion a year nationwide). As a cooperative we follow a basic set of principles and work towards a common goal.

Personalized Service

When you are a credit union member you’re part of a family. Our team members know your name, they celebrate your wins and they’re there when life gets tough. Credit Unions have the ability to work with members on a one-on-one basis to help you achieve your financial goals – which is ultimately what we are here.

Royal is making a positive impact in many lives, in a multitude of ways. Want to get that winning lottery ticket feeling? Check out how easy it is to become a Royal Credit Union Member here.

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