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Get In The Spirit Of Kindness For The Holidays

When someone says the words “holiday season,” there are typically two responses people have. One response is how joyous and happy the atmosphere is during November and December, while the contrasting response is where the person highlights all the stress and worry.

After Halloween is over, the focus shifts from spooky decorations to turkeys and holiday lights. Shopping malls are decorated from floor to ceiling with lights, ornaments, and trees. Houses are lit up with colorful lights and unique depictions of festivities like Santa on a sleigh or a nativity scene. Smells of apple cider, hot chocolate, and pine permeate the air. While some people have a positive reaction to these aspects of the holiday season, there are factors that elicit negative responses. For many families, it can be a time of financial challenge and worry. The pressure to pay for everyday necessities, along with gifts for friends and families, is a heavy weight for many. Parents should be celebrated for all their hard work, but instead some have to worry about getting food on the table and keeping a roof above their heads, especially during the holiday season. Giving back is a key component of what credit unions are all about and Making a Difference is one of Royal Credit Union’s Core Values.

This holiday season, I decided that I wanted to Make a Difference and give back to the community by helping those who aren’t as fortunate. I volunteered at the Eden Prairie PROP (People Reaching Out to People) Shop. This organization's mission is to provide support for those in need with the help of volunteers, the community, and other organizations. The volunteers are regular people who make an extraordinary difference in the lives of others by simply sharing their time and giving back.

Royal’s core purpose is to create a positive impact in the lives we touch by following the six core values: Make a Difference, Make it Easy, Do the Right Thing, Be Caring, Take Ownership, and Be Friendly, Nice, and Respectful. It’s easy to implement these values into every day life through little actions. I encourage you to hold the door open for someone behind you. Pay for the person behind you at Starbucks. Drop a coat off at a local shelter. Shovel your elderly neighbor’s driveway. Smile at a stranger. These little actions could make a big difference in someone’s day. Imagine how many smiles we can create this holiday season through daily acts of kindness.

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