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Spring Cleaning Done Right

It’s that time again to remember all of the unnecessary things that you and your family has gathered over the last several years. With each new year, more and more seems to pile up and take up a few more square feet of cabinet and storage space. Each spring brings the opportunity to give away, sell, or trash anything that is now aiding in the developing hoarding process. Still, you would be surprised at the amount of value your home may be unintentionally housing. The real question is: where do you start?

The closet always seems to be a point of contention for families. According to the EPA Office of Solid Waste, the average American throws away more than 65 pounds of clothes every year. On top of that, an annual average of $1700 is spent on clothing by the same individuals every year. Spring cleaning may be a good reality check to where you might fall on this average, but real saving comes throughout the year when you have the choice to pick up or put down that adorable swimsuit that might only be worn once.

Another place of irritation is that one (or maybe three) junk drawers that have seemed to bulk up throughout the years. Used school and work supplies are kept next to random leftover birthday wrapping paper and the mess of electronic wires and old phones.

Organizing all of this might save a trip to Target for the kids next year when school shopping again comes around and will keep the junk from piling out into the living room. Many companies also buy old phones and electronics for cheap and use the material to sell again.

Every family hoards differently, and wherever your mess might be, always keep in mind that you might be able to sell your unwanted items for a pretty profit. Beyond the actual cleaning that spring involves, finding some hidden value in the nooks and crannies is always a good feeling as well. What are you waiting for? Time to get started!

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