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That Saving Feeling

It’s spring. Your previous summer job is now barely enough money flow to keep you going. Lavish nights out from the fall have now turned into bargain shopping outings for the best bang for your buck. Just when you think you might not make it another month ... in comes a saving grace. Your tax return.

THAT’s what saving with Royal Credit Union feels like.

You had forgotten all about it and, just when you needed the extra money, there it was. That is exactly how a savings account is supposed to work. It just so happens, though, that many of us in college don’t believe we can make ends meet with a savings account. I am here to prove you wrong.

All it takes is a small percentage of each paycheck off of your earnings with each one that comes in. Whether it is $10 or $50, little by little this money adds up. What’s even better? You don’t even realize it’s happening. Within online banking you can directly transfer any amount of earned income into a savings account or setup automatic transfers - it is as easy as a few clicks followed by a nice saving-surprise later.

This is an easy way to self-monitor spending. If you are like me and believe in spending every last penny before thinking ... first, take a look into our savings account. The security and reassurance that you have in some extra cash if you need will change your mood on financing completely. Even more, I think it helps to put earnings into perspective and start college to young adults on a fiscally focused lifestyle.

Everyone loves a little extra burst of “hey, remember you had this saved up?” Open a savings account online today!