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eBay & PayPal Security - Be Aware of Recent Scams

There is currently a scam involving eBay and PayPal. People are receiving emails from someone imitating eBay and PayPal. This email states that your PayPal account will be frozen if you don't complete a form that is asking for personal and financial information.

Even if an email sounds legitimate, a business should never come back to you asking for information they should already have.

For those people who have given out their information, cash is being withdrawn from their accounts at ATMs world wide.

These types of emails are becoming more and more popular. If you are ever questioning an email, try and call the company that is requesting the information and see if they actually sent out the email.

In most cases, it is a bogus email. Always keep in mind that companies that have done business with you won't come back and ask you for information they should already have.

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