Royal Credit Union Rates

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Vehicle Loans (Model Year 2014 or newer)
36-Month2.99% APR$29.08 Monthly Payment
48-Month3.49% APR$22.35 Monthly Payment
60-Month3.74% APR$18.30 Monthly Payment
72-Month ($10,000 Minimum)4.49% APR$15.87 Monthly Payment
Vehicle Loans (Model Year 2013 or older)
24-Month2.99% APR$42.98 Monthly Payment
36-Month3.49% APR$29.30 Monthly Payment
48-Month3.99% APR$22.57 Monthly Payment
60-Month4.24% APR$18.53 Monthly Payment
72-Month4.99% APR$16.10 Monthly Payment
Other Secured Collateral
36-Month3.49% APR$29.30 Monthly Payment
48-Month3.99% APR$22.57 Monthly Payment
60-Month**4.49% APR$18.64 Monthly Payment
72-Month ($10,000 Minimum)4.65% APR$15.94 Monthly Payment
84-Month ($20,000 Minimum)4.80% APR$14.04 Monthly Payment
Other Types of Loans
Home Equity over 90% of equity***7.00% APRn/a Monthly Payment
Home Equity up to 90% of equity***4.50% APRn/a Monthly Payment
Overdraft Protection (Kwik Cash)18.00% APRn/a Monthly Payment
Personal Line of Credit9.25% APR3% of balance Monthly Payment
RCU Platinum Rewards Visa****9.50% APR2% of balance or $25 Monthly Payment
Unsecured 24-Month7.50% APR$44.99 Monthly Payment
Unsecured 36-Month8.50% APR$31.56 Monthly Payment
Includes: Boats, New and Used RVs, Motor Homes, Campers, Hauling and Travel Trailers, Motorcycles, ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Farm Machinery, Garden Tractors, Jet Skis, and Snowmobiles
** Boats, RVs, travel trailers, and motor homes can amortize up to 180 months with a five-year balloon at a 0.5% higher rate than the 60-month term. Balloon loans DO NOT qualify for GAP coverage.
*** Annual Percentage Rate may vary, and the maximum interest rate of 18% may be imposed in a variable-rate plan. The credit union may also include a range of charges between $0 to $500 that may apply.
APR = Annual Percentage Rate Rates current as of 2018-7-16 Last changed on 2018-7-16 The above rates are subject to change at any time without notice. Other rates and terms are also available. Rates subject to credit approval. Down payment requirements may apply. * Monthly payment is based on payment per $1,000 for APR rate and term.
****APR is Annual Percentage Rate. APR is variable and may be adjusted quarterly based on Prime rate. Cash advance fee is 3% of transaction amount with $10 minimum, $75 maximum; foreign transaction fee is up to 2%. No annual fee. Funds federally insured by NCUA.