Royal Credit Union Visa® Prepaid Cards

Royal Credit Union Visa® Prepaid Cards

This is one gift that's never returned.

Do all your gift shopping at Royal Credit Union - prepaid Visas® are always a hit. Stop by any Royal Credit Union office to pick up one (or multiple) today!


Benefits & Stuff to Know
Royal Credit Union | Benefits

Royal Credit Union Visa Prepaid® Card is great for any occasion - it always brings a smile! It's accepted anywhere Visa is accepted. Plus:

  • Use the card anywhere Visa® is accepted in the US!
  • Handle your finances and your shopping at any Royal Credit Union office - from $10 to $1,000.*
  • Get unlimited online and automated telephone inquiries to check your card balance and purchase history.
  • There is a $2.50 per card processing charge and cards cannot be reloaded with additional funds.**
  • Protect your card from being lost or stolen by registering it. If you do not register, we may not be able to replace your card. Register here.

Sign the back of card immediately after receiving. You will also be given a PIN number at activation. This can be used at a merchant if you prefer to use a PIN (select Debit) instead of a signature (select Credit). The card cannot be used at an ATM or for cash advances.

Keep your card in case of merchandise returns. The refunds are often credited back to the card used to make the original purchase. It may take three to seven days for the funds to be available.

The Fine Print
Royal Credit Union | Fine Print

* Cards can only be purchased at an office, they cannot be purchased through Royal Credit Union Member Service.
** If the card is inactive for 12 consecutive months, beginning the 13th month there will be an inactivity charge of $4.95 assessed to the card each month until the card either becomes active or reaches a zero balance.

If your card is lost or stolen or you have problems using the card at a merchant, please contact eFunds directly at or 1-866-586-4438.