Regulation D

Regulation D

Find out which transactions may be limited under this federal reg.

All financial institutions must comply with Federal Regulation D (Reg D) which places a monthly limit of six transactions you can make from each of your savings or money market accounts without your physical presence at an office or ATM. Any attempt for Reg D transactions over the allowable six must be declined. We encourage you to monitor your accounts.

Reg D transactions include:

  • Withdrawals, transfers or checks made from a savings or money market account to a non-loan account set-up automatically, by phone, through Royal Member Service, by using online banking, business online banking, or CompuTeller.
  • Overdraft transfers made automatically from a savings account to cover insufficient funds in other accounts.
  • Pre-authorized payments from a savings or money market account to a third party such as mortgage, insurance, credit card, or utility bill payments.
  • Pre-authorized transfers to an account at another financial institution from your savings or money market account.

Below are some options to avoid having your transactions declined: 

  • Perform your transactions from your Royal Credit Union checking account instead of your Royal savings or money market account.
  • Modify your automatic transactions to come from your Royal checking account.
  • Avoid excessive telephone or online transfers.

You can perform unlimited withdrawals or transfers from your savings account or money market account at any of our offices. You may also use your ATM card to access your savings account for unlimited withdrawals or transfers.