Volunteer Program

Do Good

Feel awesome.

We think volunteering is one the nicest things a person can do. But being the financial folks we are, we can’t help but see it like an investment. In fact, we think it’s the wisest investment you’ll ever make. For the cost of just a few hours of your time, the return is an immediate impact that benefits everyone in the community (how’s that for an ROI?). With that in mind, we encourage all our Members to get out and volunteer.

Besides a big pat on the back, our volunteers receive:

  • an interest-bearing Smart Checking Plus account
  • free personal check printing
  • some stylish Royal apparel

To score these benefits, and some good juju, all it takes from you is four hours of volunteering each month. We know that’s not a lot - but, trust us, four hours can make a huge difference. Think of how many lives you can touch with just a few hours of volunteering!

If you’re already out there doing your part in the community, then congrats! You can probably cash in for your volunteer rewards. If you’re looking to get in on the action, look no further! Our Volunteer Program is a great way to get involved. Contact us and find out how you can help make a difference.

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Volunteer Program