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High School Tellers Becoming Credit Union Activists

Royal Credit Union tellers from North and Memorial high schools in Eau Claire, Wisconsin will be given the opportunity to open their legislators’ eyes to credit union difference at two upcoming events in Madison. Four students will attend the Wisconsin Credit Union League Government Affairs Conference on January 21st. This will be the third year that Royal has invited high school team members to participate this event. Memorial students, Christine Bolstad and Josie Syverson, described having the opportunity meet their lawmakers at last year’s GAC and as an unforgettable experience. In order to continue to grow their passion for advocacy, these young women will participate in the Chippewa Valley Rally on February 25th to share how they have benefited from the Eau Claire Area School District’s Youth Apprentice Program and the importance of workforce development. “I am excited to see if the lawmakers’ opinions have changed since they have been in office and to talk to them about them about new issues,” stated Josie who is looking forward to returning to Madison.

To help prepare for their upcoming trips to the capital, students were invited to attend the Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce’s Holiday Legislative Breakfast to hear from members of State Assembly and Senate. “I was surprised by the different opinions they had on some of the issues and how they think things are going in Madison, said Logan Flaskrud, a senior at North High School. “I learned quite a bit on where everyone stands. Even though they disagreed they all stood up and shook hands at the end.”

After the breakfast the students were introduced to their district representatives, Senator Jeff Smith and Representative Jodi Emerson. “It was a great to be able to meet some of the legislators in advance of going to the Government Affairs Conference. Getting to see their personalities and their political views will help us in forming our conversations and questions for our office visits” said Vinnie Bridell, a senior at Memorial.

Not only is 2020 an important election year, but is also the first time these high school tellers will be eligible to vote. Our hope is that by participating in these advocacy events the students will realize their voice matters and that they can make a difference by being politically engaged.

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