The Takeover Day Featuring The Superheroes Of Saving  Team The Takeover Day Featuring The Superheroes Of Saving  Team

Educational Programs

From our signature school programs to our adult financial education initiatives, we're working to bring money smarts to everyone in our communities

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Royal Credit Union is working hard to bring financial education to everyone!

Many of our educational programs are available to our Members as well as the public. Our school programs educate kids on general money topics. The goal of these programs is to help kids understand concepts like saving, spending, and borrowing. These programs help lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits. Our adult programs help teach people about specific aspects of their finances or future financial planning. Our award-winning educational programs have been recognized by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and the Wisconsin Governor’s Council on Financial Literacy. It’s all part of our core purpose of creating a positive impact in the lives we touch.

Financial Education

Test Drive Digital

A virtual real-life simulation for high school students

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Financial Education

Test Drive... Next Stop Reality™

A simulation of real life for high school students

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Financial Education

Virtual Financial Education

Our virtual financial education resources for kids and adults are accessible 24/7

Financial Education


finU is a virtual financial education program for young adults ages 14-22. The classes are offered throughout the year and offer cash incentives and exciting prizes!

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Financial Education

Adult Programs

Financial education programs for adults, including customized presentations and seminars as well as our correctional facility program

Financial Education

Kid's Club

We’re rewarding kids age 12 and under for saving

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Financial Education

Camp ES3

A summer financial education camp for kids ages 8-10

Camp ES3

Financial Education

FUSE® - Future US Entrepreneurs®

Hands-on business experience for middle school students

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Financial Education

School Sense

Our 29 in-school credit union locations give kids hands-on financial experience

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Financial Education

Takeover Day™ Featuring The Superheroes Of Saving™

Takeover Day™ Featuring The Superheroes Of Saving™ provides financial education to every student in a school on the same day

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Financial Education

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