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Volunteer Program

We're rewarding Members who volunteer in our communities via our volunteer program, complete with special account perks and Royal apparel

Call us at 800-341-9911 or visit an office

Royal rewards Members who volunteer in our communities with a Volunteer program that includes a Volunteer Checking account and some unique perks. Volunteer Checking is a dividend-earning checking account that includes free personal check printing. Members also receive Royal Credit Union clothing and a name tag to wear while volunteering. Since the program began, we've recorded an average of 20,000 hours of volunteer time each year!



How To Become A Volunteer

To be eligible for Volunteer Checking and the perks, Members must enroll in the program and then complete and report an average of four hours of volunteer time per month. After being in the program for five years and reporting at least 240 volunteer hours, Members reach Lifetime Volunteer status and no longer need to report their hours to continue getting the benefits of the Volunteer program. If you’d like to join our Volunteer Program, please contact us.