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Digital Wallet

Enjoy fast, secure payments on the go when you use your Royal debit or credit card with today's digital wallet services

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Royal Credit Union debit and credit cards are compatible with today’s most popular digital wallet services. This means you can add your payment card to Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, and Samsung Pay™. Once you set up a card on your mobile device, you can pay at point-of-sale terminals just by holding your device near the reader. When configured with your device account, you can also quickly check out at an online merchant from your device browser and fill your name, address, and payment information in seconds.

Are Digital Wallets Secure?

Yes! Digital wallets are actually more secure than using a physical card or entering your card number on a website. The reason for this added security is because each transaction is tokenized. This means it uses a unique, random number called a token instead of your real card number for the transaction. New tokens are generated for every transaction, and retailers see only your token, not your card number. Even if a hacker manages to steal your token, they won’t get your payment card number or any other information about you.

How Do I Get A Digital Wallet?

The apps that you use to set up your digital wallet are included with today’s mobile devices. To use your Royal credit or debit card with these digital wallets, simply follow the instructions on your device or check out these links.