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We’re excited to introduce our new virtual assistant, Val®!

Thanks to Val®, it’s easier than ever to get answers to questions about Royal’s products and services. Val® can also help find office and ATM locations, check your account balances and transactions, and much more!



Val® is available on to help answer questions about Royal’s products and services. She can also check balances and transaction history, find office and ATM locations, show our office hours, and provide other important information. You can chat with Val® any time right here on Just click or tap her icon in the lower right corner of the page.

More About Val®

  • Val® is not a human. She is artificial intelligence software that offers responses from a programmed list of questions.
  • Val® is still learning. Over time, Val® will gain more knowledge of how people ask about our products and services. 
  • Your interactions with Val® help us to enhance her knowledge. She may have limited knowledge in some areas.
  • Your conversation is secured by industry-standard encryption, including any conversations where Val® accesses your account balance and transaction information.

Here’s How Val® Can Help!


See balances and transaction history!

Screen capture of Val


Find office locations and ATM information!

Screen capture of Val


Get help with common questions!

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