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All About uChoose Rewards® At Royal Credit Union

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One of our favorite perks of Royal’s Platinum Rewards Visa® and Business Rewards Visa® credit cards is their ability to earn uChoose Rewards®! Cardholders earn these reward points for every dollar they spend. Points can be redeemed for statement credits, travel tickets, merchandise, gift cards, and more. We’ll explain how points are earned and how to redeem them below.

What Are uChoose Rewards®?

uChoose Rewards® is a credit card points system that rewards Royal Credit Union Members for making purchases using their personal or business credit card. There is no cost to cardholders for participating in the uChoose Rewards® program. The full details about earning points are explained in the program terms and conditions that come with your credit card, but here are some key details:

  • Any type of purchase transaction, whether you’re shopping at a brick-and-mortar retail store or using your card online, earns reward points.
  • You earn one point for every dollar you spend using your Royal credit card.
  • There is no annual limit to the maximum number of points you can earn.
  • Balance transfers, wire transfers, card fees, interest charges, and cash advances do not earn reward points.
  • Pending transactions or transactions that don’t post to your card account also don’t earn points.
  • If you return or cancel a purchase that earned points, the points from that transaction will be removed from your reward points balance.
  • The points you earn each month are posted to your rewards account by the 10th day of the following month. Points expire 5 years from the end of the month in which they are posted.
  • If you close your card account with Royal, your points balance is reset and points can no longer be redeemed. If you are issued a new card because your previous card is lost or stolen, your points balance will transfer to the new card.

How Can You Check Your Rewards Balance?

For personal cardholders, you can view your uChoose Rewards® balance at any time in our Credit Card Access system. You can access this system by logging in to online banking or our personal mobile app, expanding the Cards menu, and selecting Credit Card Access. From the Credit Card Access system, select the uChoose Rewards® icon (or open the side menu and select Rewards) to go to the rewards website and see your points balance.

For business cardholders, uChoose Rewards® are connected to the business’s parent billing account. Business credit cards allow individual cardholders to have child credit card accounts under the parent account. Only business online banking users who have access to the parent billing account for the business credit card can view and redeem business credit card rewards.

Business users with this access can check their uChoose Rewards® balance by logging in to business online banking or our business mobile app and choosing Credit Card Access (this option is found on the More menu in the business mobile app). Then, select the Rewards option to go to the rewards website and see your points balance.

uChoose Rewards® points balances are also printed on personal credit card statements and business billing account credit card statements.

How To Redeem Your uChoose Rewards®

Once you access the rewards website as described above, you’ll see the option to redeem your uChoose Rewards® points. You can select what type of reward to receive from the available options, including statement credits, prepaid gift cards, or merchandise and travel items.

In some cases, you may be able to pay the difference between the cost of an item and the amount of points you have. For example, if you are 1,000 points short of being able to purchase trip tickets, you may be able to select the reward and enter your payment information to cover the difference. There are limits to how much of the difference you can pay for without using points.

You can also redeem uChoose Rewards® by phone at 855-224-5855.

Have other questions about Royal’s credit cards? See our credit card help page.

uChoose Rewards is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc.

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