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Whether you’re buying your first house or upgrading to your dream home, you’re looking for the perfect backdrop for your story. You might be interested in learning what steps you need to take before a future home purchase, or maybe you’re ready to start looking for your first home right now. Maybe you’ve even been through this before, and are curious about purchasing a new house or vacation home. Buying a home will have a long-term effect on your finances, so getting all the advice you can and making an informed decision is important for your future.

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Many first-time homebuyers are watching the home loan rate fluctuate and trying to decide if they should lock their rate or let it float another day. It's true that rates do have an impact on your monthly payment and will make a difference in the total amount of interest you pay. But riding the rate rollercoaster is a stressful experience. We recommend getting in touch with our mortgage team to get expert advice on locking your rate.

If you don't have the traditional 20% down payment, don't worry - we have options to help you. Some of our home mortgage programs have relaxed down payment requirements. We may also be able to work with you to provide a solution for a traditional mortgage with less than 20% down. Connect with our mortgage team today to learn more about these options.

You're in the right place! Start by doing a little research to learn about the home buying process and find out about your home loan options. You may find that the helpful articles and links included here are able to answer many of your home buying questions. Once you're more comfortable with some of the basics, take the next step by connecting with our home mortgage team to discuss your options with an expert.

$100 First-Time Homebuyer Credit

Royal is offering first-time homebuyers a $100 credit* on their closing costs if they complete an online educational course offered by Fannie Mae®. The course explains a variety of mortgage topics, and the information applies to all home loans. Any first-time homebuyer, even those who don’t qualify for Fannie Mae® loans, can take advantage of this credit with Royal. Register for and complete the self-guided online course at

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