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Financial Education

It’s never too late to learn something new about finances, and we're here to provide all the help you need

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Financial education is an important part of our mission as a credit union.

We want everyone to understand that what you do with your money makes a difference. That’s why we promote financial education for youth and adults in our communities, provide resources to help everyone reach a state of financial wellness, and teach everyone about security and fraud.

Financial Education

Educational Programs

We believe in financial education for everyone

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Financial Education

Wellness & Learning

The resources you need for a healthy financial future are here

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Financial Education

K-12 Resources

We offer age-appropriate curriculum designed to be fun and engaging while covering content set forth by the Common Core Standards and Wisconsin Standards for Personal Financial Literacy.

Financial Education

Correctional Facility Education

The Royal team provides ongoing financial education at the Chippewa Valley Correctional Treatment Facility.

Financial Education

Security & Fraud Resources

Helpful information for navigating the always-changing world of security

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Financial Education

Articles and How-Tos

Get expert advice and information you can trust about a variety of financial topics

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Financial Education

Money Donuts® Podcast

Money and donuts - there's no more perfect pairing for a podcast

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