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Business ACH Services

Take control of everyday credits and debits with business ACH services from Royal Credit Union

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ACH Services For Business

If your business needs to send or receive funds to or from many different accounts, ACH services from Royal Credit Union can help. ACH, or Automated Clearing House, lets a business process electronic transactions on a group of accounts. For example, ACH can be used to direct deposit payroll to business employees, gather property rent from tenants, or collect charity contributions.

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Online Banking ACH Integration

Business Members can access Royal’s ACH service from business online banking. The business online banking administrator can set up additional business users with separate ACH access and permissions.

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ACH Templates & Imports

Businesses can easily save ACH templates with frequently used ACH information. By using a template, businesses save time and reduce errors. Users can also import ACH files directly into the business online banking ACH system.

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ACH Reporting

For added convenience, business online banking includes ACH reporting options. For example, businesses can easily get a report of their completed or scheduled ACH payments.

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Safety & Security

Customized user limits and dual approval options are available for online business ACH requests. Royal also requires multi-factor authentication when approving online ACH services.

Approval is required to use ACH services at Royal Credit Union.