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Business Kwik Cash Overdraft Protection

Protect your business accounts against NSF charges with Kwik Cash overdraft protection

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A Safety Net For Your Business Accounts

Business Kwik Cash overdraft protection helps guard your accounts against insufficient funds charges.


How Overdraft Protection Works

  • Business overdraft protection is a line of credit that automatically advances money to your business checking account in $100 increments if the balance goes below zero.
  • Funds are transferred instantly and automatically, preventing an NSF charge and ensuring your transaction can be completed.

Benefits Of Overdraft Protection

  • As a business, it’s important to be able to pay who you want when you need to. Overdraft protection helps make sure your vendors, suppliers, employees, or anyone else will be able to process your payment as intended.

Kwik Cash Interest Charges

  • When funds are advanced from your overdraft protection line of credit, you will be charged interest. There is no additional charge for having or using Kwik Cash besides the interest on the amount you owe.
  • Depending on the overdraft amount, overdraft protection interest can be much less expensive than an insufficient funds charge or a late payment fee.

Access Kwik Cash Anytime

  • Since your overdraft protection is a line of credit, you can advance available funds at any time through business online banking, our mobile app, by phone, or at an office.
  • This means business overdraft protection can be used as a temporary source of emergency funding.

Business Overdraft Protection Rate