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Positive Pay Services

Help mitigate risk with powerful, automated fraud protection for ACH and check transactions

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Positive Pay Services For Businesses

Royal Credit Union’s Positive Pay services help your business avoid potential risks and minimize potential losses with an automated fraud protection solution. Equip your organization with a powerful fraud protection and prevention tool. Royal’s Positive Pay platform automatically monitors your business accounts and requires approval to clear unexpected check or ACH transactions.

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ACH Positive Pay Debit & Credit

Helps prevent unauthorized ACH debit or credit transactions. Your organization maintains a list of approved transactions using parameters like the vendor name, dollar amount, frequency, and start and end dates. Incoming ACH debits and credits are compared to your approved list and allowed transactions are automatically cleared. Your organization can configure exception notifications to make pay or return decisions or set up automatic blocking rules.

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Check Positive Pay

Helps prevent check fraud. Your organization manually enters or imports an electronic list of checks issued or voided on enrolled accounts. The list includes the issue date, check number, check amount, and the payee information. The Positive Pay system compares each check presented for payment against your list. Matched items are automatically allowed and paid, while exceptions generate an alert so your organization can decide whether to pay or return the check.

Your organization will be assessed a $20 per month charge for each of the above services, regardless of the number of accounts enrolled.

For more information, email us at or find a Treasury Management Officer