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What Is A Credit Union

Wondering what Member-owned and not-for-profit really mean? Learn more about what makes credit unions different than other financial institutions

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Everyone needs a place to keep their money. But why should you choose a credit union like Royal instead of a bank? And what is a credit union, exactly?

How Credit Unions Are Different

A credit union is a not-for-profit financial institution owned by its Members. It may sound odd, but credit unions like Royal are not here to make money. Instead, we’re here to offer our Members the best banking experience possible!

  • Any profits that a credit union makes are returned to Members in the form of better rates, fewer fees, and more free services. This is different from a bank: banks seek to maximize profits for their private owners or shareholders.
  • A note about Membership: Royal’s community charter means that anyone who lives or works in the counties we serve is potentially eligible to become a Member. (Review Royal's full eligibility information for more details about who can join.)

Credit Unions Offer Great Service

Because every Member owns a share of the credit union, we have a strong emphasis on customer service.

  • We try to treat everyone like they own the place, because they really do!
  • We listen to our Members’ wants and needs to ensure they are satisfied with their experience.
  • We provide products and services that are in our Members’ best interest. We do not offer a product to boost our bottom line

As a Member of Royal Credit Union, you gain a financial ally that you can trust to provide honest advice and suggestions for ways to save money and achieve your dreams.

Credit Unions Have Top Technology Too

Since we’re here to provide the best experience, we’re deeply invested in tools and technologies that make things easier for our Members.

The bottom line is you don’t have to worry about missing out on technology features when you choose Royal. We like to say we have it all!

Join Royal today and experience the credit union difference!