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Business Online Banking Business Agreement and Disclosures

I. Introduction

This Online Access Agreement ("Access Agreement") for accessing your Royal Credit Union (RCU) accounts through business online banking explains the terms and conditions governing the Online banking offered through business online banking. By using business online banking, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Access Agreement. This online Access Agreement will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Federal law and regulation, and to the extent there is no applicable Federal law or regulation, by the laws of the State of Wisconsin. The terms "we," "us," "our," "RCU," and "credit union" refer to Royal Credit Union. "You" refers to each signer on an account. The term "business days" means Monday through Friday, excluding RCU observed holidays.

The Electronic Fund Transfer Act and Regulations require that we disclose pertinent information to you about EFT's to or from your account. By EFT's within this document, we mean preauthorized transactions to and from your account with us or by means of your RCU business bill pay, Electronic Check Conversion, or business online banking.

Business online banking can be used to access RCU accounts. Each of your accounts at RCU is also governed by the applicable account disclosure statement ("Deposit Agreement and Disclosure"). There is a separate enrollment process and disclosure statement for business bill pay ("RCU Business Bill Pay Terms and Conditions").

II. Accessing Your RCU Accounts through Business Online Banking

A. Requirements
To access your accounts through business online banking, you must have an RCU account, online authorization information, and an email address must be provided and kept current.

B. Electronic Mail (email)
A third party email address must be provided and kept current to access business online banking. Third party email providers include internet service providers who also offer email services, web email, or your place of business. Electronic mail (email) is not a secure method of communicating with RCU. Do not send specific account or personal information through your third party email. RCU may communicate non-secure information to you using the email address you provide.

C. Communicating About Your Account
You will receive all communications related to your accounts or other services with RCU in an electronic format available online.

In addition, you will continue to receive a paper version of your statement and other regulatory required documents via postal mail unless you choose to opt-in to paperless communication.

D. Fees
View our Service Fees.

E. New Services
RCU may, from time to time, introduce new online services. We will notify you of any new services. By using these services when they become available, you agree to be bound by the rules communicated to you concerning these services.


III. Terms and Conditions

By accessing your accounts the first time through business online banking you agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and this Agreement acknowledges your receipt and understanding of this disclosure.

A. Your Online Authorization Information
Your online authorization information includes an online password and security questions.

We recommend that you change your password regularly.

For security purposes, it is recommended that you memorize your online authorization information and do not write it down. You are responsible for keeping your online authorization information, account numbers, and other account data confidential.

B. Payment Account
You will be asked to designate a payment account for selected services such as business bill pay. You agree to promptly pay all fees and charges for services provided under this Agreement, and authorize us to charge the account that you have designated as the payment account or any other account for the fees.

Your online access may be canceled at any time without prior notice due to insufficient funds in one of your accounts. After cancellation, business online banking services may be reinstated once sufficient funds are available in your accounts to cover any fees and other pending transfers or debits. In order to reinstate your services, you must contact RCU Member Service.

If you do not access your RCU accounts through business online banking for any (6) six month period, RCU reserves the right to disconnect your service without notice. Please note that your business bill pay and online scheduled transfer information will be lost if you are disconnected. You can enroll again at any time to re-activate these services.

If you wish to cancel any of the services offered through business online banking, please contact RCU Member Service 1-800-341-9911 or send us cancellation instructions in writing to RCU, PO Box 970, Eau Claire, WI 54702-9937.

C. Our Liability
Except as specifically provided in this Agreement or where the law requires a different standard, you agree that neither we nor the service providers shall be responsible for any loss, property damage or bodily injury, whether caused by the equipment, software, RCU, or by Internet browser providers, or by Internet access providers or by online service providers, wireless carriers, or by an agent or subcontractor of any of the foregoing: nor shall we or the service providers be responsible for any direct, indirect, special or consequential, economic or other damages arising in any way out of the installation, use, or maintenance of the equipment, software, the online financial services, or Internet browser or access software.

D. Overdrafts: Order of Payments, Transfers, Other Withdrawals
If your account has insufficient funds to perform all electronic funds transfers (ATM withdrawals, pre-authorized transactions, business online banking transfers and business bill pay payments and transfers, etc.) that you have requested for a given date, then:

Certain electronic transfers involving currency disbursement, like ATM withdrawals, will have priority, and the electronic funds transfers initiated through business online banking may result in an overdraft of your account and may, at RCU's discretion, be canceled.

You will be charged the same overdraft charges that apply to your account.

E. Hours of Accessibility
You can access your RCU accounts through business online banking seven days a week, 24 hours a day. However, at certain times, some or all of business online banking may not be available due to system maintenance. You will be notified online when this occurs.

F. Additional Terms and Conditions

Obtaining Account Balance and Transaction History - You can obtain balance and transaction history on all eligible accounts. Current balance and activity information is available, at minimum, as of the close of the previous day.

Transferring Funds - If a hold has been placed on deposits made to an account from which you wish to transfer funds, you cannot transfer the portion of the funds held until the hold expires.


IV. RCU Credit Card Account Access

A. Using the Service
Your consent covers all of the transactions you conduct online, including without limitation, any transactions you may conduct under the online credit card account access service. Your consent will be effective for as long as you remain a subscriber to this service.

B. Credit Card Payments
Payments using the credit card account access service must be submitted by 4:00 p.m. CST in order for your payment to be posted to your credit card account with today's date. Payments made using the business online banking Transfer feature must be completed by 5:00 p.m. CST Sunday through Friday (except Holidays) to be posted with today's date. Although your payment will be credited to your account today, you should allow at least three business days before the payment is reflected in your available credit. If your payment is not received by the due date on your statement, the account will be subject to the fees and finance charges as described in your Cardholder Agreement.


V. General Terms

A. Right to Stop Payment
If you have told us in advance to make regular payments out of your account, you can stop any of these payments as follows.

Online Check Stop Payments - To place an online check stop payment, use the Stop Payment feature of business online banking which will process the stop payment immediately. You are not permitted to stop payment on any purchase, withdrawal, payment or transfer originated by use of the RCU Credit Card, Check Card, ATM Card, business online banking Immediate Transfers, CompuTeller Transfers, or preauthorized drafts, and RCU has no obligation to honor any such stop payment request by you. If RCU does not have a reasonable time to act on a stop payment before RCU has accepted the item, or before RCU has paid the item in cash, or before the item has been deposited or received for deposit for credit in an account of a customer with the payer bank, then RCU may be entitled to enforce payment of the item against the drawer. Due to sorting or routing, the check may have already been accepted by RCU and RCU may be unable to determine this until two days after acceptance. In this instance days are defined as weekdays, excluding RCU observed holidays.

Business Online Banking Scheduled Transfers - to cancel a payment or transfer that is scheduled for a future date on business online banking, you must delete the transfer on business online banking the day prior to the processing date.

B. Limitations on Dollar Amount of Transfers
You may make transfers between your accounts on business online banking up to the amount of the available balance in your account. There are no limitations on the dollar amount you can transfer on business online banking.

C. Limitations on Frequency of Transfers
There are no limitations on the number of business online banking transfers. However, in compliance with Regulation D of the Federal Reserve Board, you are limited to six transactions per month from each of your savings or Money Market accounts without your physical presence at a branch or ATM. This includes but is not limited to transactions by means of business online banking, CompuTeller, check, preauthorized payments to a third party, telephoning Member Service, or by automatic transfer due to insufficient funds.

D. Changes to Charges, Fees or Other Terms
We reserve the right to change the charges, fees, or other terms described in this Agreement. However, when changes are made to any fees or charges, we will notify you online, send a notice to you at the address shown on our records, or send you an electronic mail message (email). Notice will be provided as required by law. We also reserve the option, in our business judgment, to waive, reduce or reverse charges or fees in individual situations. Changes to fees applicable to specific accounts are governed by the applicable Deposit Agreement and Disclosure.

E. Disclosure of Account Information
You understand that in addition to information furnished pursuant to legal process, some information about your accounts may automatically be disclosed to others. For example, the tax laws require disclosure to the government of the amount of the interest you earn, and some transactions, such as certain large currency and foreign transactions, must be reported to the government. The Bank may also provide information about your account(s) to persons or companies RCU believes would use the information for reasonable purposes, such as when a prospective creditor seeks to verify information you may have given in a credit application or a merchant calls to verify a check you have written. In addition, RCU routinely informs a credit bureau when accounts are closed by RCU because they were not handled properly. RCU may also seek information about you from others, such as a credit bureau, in connection with the opening or maintaining of your account. You authorize these transfers of information.

F. Error Corrections on Business Online Banking Transactions
In case of questions or errors about business online banking funds transfers through business online banking involving your account, notify RCU by phone at 800-341-9911 or mail at PO Box 970, Eau Claire, WI 54702-9937.

We must hear from you no later than sixty (60) days after the statement on which the problem or error appeared was made available to you. If you notify us verbally, we may require that you send us your complaint or question in writing within ten (10) business days.

G. Other General Terms

Other Agreements - In addition to this Agreement you agree to be bound by and will comply with the requirements of the applicable Deposit Agreement and Disclosure, RCU's rules and regulations, the rules and regulations of any funds transfer system to which RCU belongs, and applicable State and Federal laws and regulations. We agree to be bound by them also.

H. Unauthorized Transactions in Your RCU Accounts
Notify us immediately if you believe another person has improperly obtained your online authorization information. Also, notify us if someone has transferred or may transfer money from your account without your permission or if you suspect any fraudulent activity on your account. Only reveal your account number to a legitimate entity for a purpose you authorize (such as your insurance company for automatic payments). To notify us, call RCU Member Service at 1-800-341-9911 or write to RCU at PO Box 970, Eau Claire, WI 54702-9937.

I. Security Alerts
RCU will send security alerts as a third party email message to the email address you provide. Security alerts will include notification when your password has changed. Notify us immediately if you believe another person has improperly obtained your online authorization information.


VII. Business Accounts and Business Administrator

A. Business Administrator Responsibility
You are required to provide a Business Administrator.  The Business Administrator identified in the enrollment process and authorized by the Organization Resolution must be a signer on the business deposit accounts and will select and provide to RCU an initial individual sign-on identification ("sign-on ID"). Once we enter the sign-on ID into our system and provide the Business Administrator with an initial online password, the Business Administrator will be able to set up and manage your business online banking service by using his/her sign-on ID, and online password and security questions ("Online Authorization Information"). The Business Administrator will be able to set up any desired other authorized persons (collectively called "Sub Users"), designating the levels of account access and privileges, and will be responsible for providing these Sub Users with their respective sign-on ID and Online Authorization Information. The Business Administrator, through business online banking, will be able to enroll in business bill pay and set up any other Sub Users, designating the levels of account access and permissions, and will be responsible for providing these Sub Users with their respective sign-on information for business bill pay. RCU will require a new Organization Resolution to change the status of a Business Administrator.

B. Security Procedure For All Transactions Conducted Through business online banking

  1. The following describes the security procedure you and your Sub Users agree to follow when providing us with instructions to make any and all funds transfers (including intra-financial institution transfers and bill payment orders) from or to your accounts using the business online banking service. The purpose of this Security Procedure is to verify the authenticity of a funds transfer instruction (or request for cancellation or amendment) given through the use of business online banking and not to detect an error in the transmission or content of a funds transfer instruction. No security procedure for the detection of any error has been agreed upon between you and RCU. You are strictly responsible to establish and maintain the procedures to safeguard against unauthorized transmissions.
  2. You agree to take reasonable steps to maintain the confidentiality of the security procedures and any Sub User sign-on ID, Online Authorization Information, security devices and related instructions you provided or that are provided by us in connection with these security procedures.
  3. In managing your business online banking service, a Sub User may specify the accounts to be charged for. You are responsible for all transfers and withdrawals your Sub Users conduct using business online banking even if your Sub Users exceed the authority you have given them. We have no knowledge of any limitations you may have in place for your Users and we will not be responsible to you or to any third parties for any transactions that exceed limitations you may have in place. If you or your Sub Users permit non-authorized persons to use business online banking, your Sub User Sign-on IDs and/or your Online Authorization Information, you are responsible for any transactions they conduct.
  4. The Business Administrator will furnish the Sub User Sign-on ID and initial Online Authorization Information for all Sub Users. After signing on for the first time, each Sub User will select his/her own online password. We will not be provided with Online Authorization Information.
  5. You and your Sub Users agree to protect the secrecy of the Sub User Sign-on IDs, Online Authorization Information and account data accessed via business online banking, and we have no responsibility if you or a Sub User discloses the same. You and your Sub Users also agree to limit distribution of this information to only those authorized by you to access business online banking. You must notify us immediately by calling us at the telephone number listed on our web site if you believe or suspect any of your accounts have been accessed without your permission or a Sub User Sign-on ID or Online Authorization Information has been used without your permission to access your accounts. The occurrence or unauthorized access will not affect any transaction made in good faith by RCU prior to the receipt of such notification and within a reasonable time period to prevent unauthorized transactions. For security purposes, we recommend that Sub Users memorize their own Online Authorization Information and Sub User Sign-on IDs and not write them down. The system gives your Sub Users the ability to change online passwords regularly and you may require that Sub Users change online passwords regularly, including when Sub Users are deleted.
  6. A Sub User may only log on to business online banking using his/her correct Sub User Sign-on ID and Online Authorization Information. Once the Sub User has entered his/her correct Sub User Sign-on ID and Online Authorization Information, the Sub User will be able to conduct any transactions consistent with the privileges and levels of access which have been granted the Sub User by the Business Administrator or another Sub User who has been granted authority to manage Sub Users. We have no knowledge of the privileges and levels of access granted individual Sub Users.
  7. RCU may rely on the Sub User Sign-on ID and Online Authorization Information provided by the individual submitting the funds transfer instruction. RCU has no responsibility for verifying Sub User Sign-on ID and Online Authorization Information.

C. Organization Resolution Information
Any organization resolution ON FILE WITH US giving authority for business online banking service supersedes any resolution, signature card or other document on file with us that limits authority over any specific account or all of your accounts with us. A change in the authority over any specific account or all of your accounts with us made in any resolution, signature card or other document on file with us will NOT change this Agreement, or any accompanying Organization Resolution.

D. Authorization For Transactions
You agree that the Business Administrator identified in the Organization Resolution ON FILE WITH US has authority to establish the business online banking service for your Organization and establish additional Sub Users with the access capability and privileges as determined by the Business Administrator in establishing and managing your business online banking service. You agree that each individual who has been issued a Sub User Sign-on ID and Online Authorization Information has general authority from your Organization to give instructions and authorize transactions with respect to your accounts through business online banking, including general authority over the movement of your Organization's funds between your accounts at RCU and to perform inquiries on your accounts. You agree that RCU has full authorization from your Organization to rely and act upon any instructions received from Sub Users without further inquiry. Organization acknowledges it is strictly responsible for establishing and maintaining the procedures to safeguard against unauthorized transmissions. Organization warrants that no individual will be allowed to initiate transfers in the absence of proper supervision and safeguards, and agrees to take full responsibility for all transactions completed by organization. 

E. Separate Account Agreements And Disclosures
Each of your accounts at RCU is also governed by the separate account agreement you have with us for the account and the applicable account disclosures ("Account Agreement and Disclosures", "Account Information and Fee Schedule" and "Dividend Rate Schedule") that have been delivered to you. All Agreements applicable to your various accounts or loan relationships with us shall continue in full force and effect except as specifically modified by this Agreement, and shall be applicable to all transactions initiated by use of a Sub User Sign-on ID and Online Authorization Information. However, if any such account is an account requiring two or more signatures, all signature requirements are hereby waived by you and all signers.

In addition, you and all signers agree to any transaction initiated by the use of a Sub User Sign-on ID and Online Authorization Information and agree to be bound by the transaction.

F. Lawful Activities
Any financial service provided by RCU may be used for any transaction permitted by law. You agree that illegal use of any financial service including, but not limited to the business online banking service, will be deemed an action of default and/or breach of contract and such service and/or other related services may be terminated at RCU's discretion. You further agree, should illegal use occur, to waive the right to sue for such illegal activity directly or indirectly related to it. You also agree to indemnify and hold RCU harmless from any suits or other legal action or liability, directly or indirectly, resulting from such illegal use. You are responsible for ensuring that Sub Users are aware of this provision. You will be responsible for any illegal transactions or use of the business online banking service by Sub Users.

G. RCU Business Bill Pay Services
The Business Administrator may establish your business bill pay service by enrolling in the service and accepting the RCU business bill pay terms and conditions.

H. Information We Send You
Any information you receive from us electronically is provided on a best-efforts basis and is believed to be reliable, but cannot be guaranteed. We are not responsible for any deficiencies in the accuracy, completeness, availability or timeliness of such information, or any investment or other decision you make using this information. Any notice we send your Users, whether orally, electronically or in writing, are just as effective as if sent to you at the address we have on file for you.

I. Recording and Use Of Communications
You and RCU agree that all telephone conversations and data transmitted between you and your employees, representatives or agents and RCU and its employees, representatives or agents made in connection with this Agreement may be electronically recorded and retained by either party by use of any reasonable means.

J. Our Responsibilities, Liability, Limitations On Liability, and Indemnity
In the performance of the services required by this Agreement, we shall be entitled to rely solely on the information, representations, and warranties provided by you pursuant to this Agreement, and we shall not be responsible for the accuracy or completeness thereof. We shall only be responsible for performing the services expressly provided for in this Agreement, we shall only be liable for our own negligence or willful misconduct, subject to the following limit. Our liability for our own negligence or willful misconduct is limited to direct money damages actually incurred by you in an amount not exceeding the amount of the transaction.

We shall not be liable in any case for any special, indirect, exemplary, or consequential damages (including lost profits) of any kind, whether or not the likelihood of such damages was known or contemplated by us and regardless of the legal or equitable theory of liability that you may assert including, without limitation, loss or damage from subsequent wrongful dishonor resulting from our acts or omissions pursuant to this Agreement.

We shall not be responsible for your or your Sub User's acts or omissions (including, without limitation, the amount, accuracy, timeliness of transmittal or authorization of any intra-financial institution transfer, bill payment order, or request to amend or cancel same received from you or your Sub Users) nor the acts or omissions of any other person or entity including, without limitation, any Federal Reserve Financial Institution, Automated Clearing House or transmission, information or communications facility, any Receiver, Beneficiary, Intermediary Financial Institution or Receiving Depository Financial Institution and no such person will be deemed our agent.

You will indemnify us for all liabilities, costs, losses and damages of any nature, including allocated costs of staff counsel and other attorney fees, which arise out of or relate to disputes or legal actions by third parties about any action we take on a User's transaction or which result directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, from your or your Users' access of the services and performance of transactions via business online banking or claims that we are responsible for any act or omission on your part or that of any other person. This indemnity does not apply to any costs, losses or damages attributable to our negligence or willful misconduct. Your obligation under this paragraph survives termination of this Agreement.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, we are excused from failing to act or delay in acting, and any failure to delay does not constitute a breach of this Agreement or otherwise give rise to any liability by us if (1) the failure or delay arises out of legal constraint, interruption of transmission or communication facilities, equipment failure, war, emergency conditions, natural disaster, labor dispute or other causes beyond our control, or (2) we believe our action would violate any guideline, rule or regulation of any government authority including, without limitation, failing to transmit or delay in transmitting if such transmittal would result in us having exceeded any limitation upon our intra-day net funds position established pursuant to present or future Federal Reserve guidelines or in our reasonable judgment otherwise violating any provision of any present or future risk control program of the Federal Reserve or any rule or regulation of any other U.S. governmental regulatory authority.

If RCU is obligated to pay compensation in the form of dividends, RCU will do so upon written demand. RCU will calculate for the relevant period as follows. For an analyzed account, RCU will use its account analysis procedures. For a non-analyzed, dividend bearing account, RCU will use the dividend rate(s) for the account. For a non-analyzed, non-dividend bearing account, RCU will use a rate equal to the average of the Federal Funds rates published by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, less reserves.

Except as specifically provided in this Agreement or where the law requires a different standard, you agree that neither we nor any Internet or commercial online access or browser provider or wireless carrier shall be responsible for any loss, property damage or bodily injury, whether caused by the equipment, software, RCU, OR by Service Provider OR by an agent or subcontractor of any of the foregoing. Nor shall we or the Service Providers be responsible for any direct, indirect, special or consequential economic or other damages arising in any way out of the installation, use or maintenance of the equipment, software, business online banking, or Internet browser or access software. Neither we nor the Service Providers are responsible for any computer viruses. Further, we will only be responsible for acting on instructions sent through business online banking which are actually received by us. Except as otherwise stated in this Agreement, or as required by law, our entire liability and the liability of any Service Provider and your exclusive remedy with respect to business online banking service is the replacement of any browser or software, if any, provided by us to you.

You are solely responsible for the selection, installation, maintenance and operation of your computer, mobile device, software, and connection to an Internet Service Provider, and wireless carrier.

K. No Warranties
We do not make any representations or warranties with respect to the legal effect or sufficiency, under any Federal, State or local statute or regulation or other law, of any forms, documents or other matters that we may provide to you from time to time in connection with this Agreement or the services available through business online banking. NEITHER WE NOR ANY SERVICE PROVIDER MAKES ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES CONCERNING THE BUSINESS ONLINE BANKING SERVICE, SOFTWARE OR BROWSER, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR NON-INFRINGEMENT OF THIRD PARTY PROPRIETARY RIGHTS UNLESS DISCLAIMING SUCH WARRANTIES IS PROHIBITED BY LAW.

L. Limitations on Export
You understand that to access the business online banking service, your Users' browser software will require encryption capabilities that may be subject to strict export license requirements prior to export from the U.S. or Canada. We do not provide browser software. Your Users must obtain browser software directly from the manufacturer. You agree that your Users will not download, ship, transfer or export any browser software for other software or technical data for use with the business online banking service or download a Service Provider's direct product into any country or use same in any manner prohibited by the United States Export Administration Act or the requirements of the Export Administration Regulations (15 CFR Parts 730-744) (the "EAE") or any other regulation, law or Executive Order. Further, you agree that your Users will not use business online banking from any country to which the U.S. has embargoed goods. You will advise your Users of these export limitations and be responsible for any violations caused by them.

Your obligations under this provision shall remain in effect after termination of this Agreement.

M. Agreement Controls
Both you and RCU will be bound by this Agreement. If there is a conflict between this Agreement and something said by one of our Team Members, you agree that this Agreement controls. Any prior agreement between you and RCU concerning any subject matter contained in this Agreement is superseded by this Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and RCU concerning its subject matter.

M. Collection Costs
RCU may collect amounts owed to us by you under this Agreement and you agree to pay RCU our reasonable expenses, including court costs and attorney fees, for enforcing our rights under this Agreement.

O. Relationship
This Agreement does not create any agency, fiduciary, joint venture or partnership relationship between you and RCU and does not provide any rights or remedies to any person other than you and RCU.

P. Waiver
RCU or you may delay exercising their rights without losing them. Any waiver or partial exercise of one right is not a waiver of other rights or the same right at another time.

Q. Severability
If any provision of this Agreement, or its application to any person or set of circumstances, is held invalid or unenforceable to any extent, the remainder of this Agreement, and the application of the provision to other persons or circumstances, is not impaired or otherwise affected.


VIII. E-Sign Disclosure and Consent for Electronic Communications

Receiving a Paper Copy - You have the right to receive a paper copy of the Royal Credit Union Business Online Banking Business Agreement and E-SIGN Disclosure. You may request a paper copy of this Agreement and disclosure in one of the following ways: Mail request to Royal Credit Union, Attn: Business Services, PO BOX 970, Eau Claire WI 54702  or email

Withdrawing Your Consent to Receive Notices Electronically - You can contact us in any of the ways described in the preceding paragraph to withdraw your consent to receive any Royal Credit Union E-SIGN notices and/or future notices. If you withdraw your consent, we may terminate our relationship. A withdrawal of consent shall be effective within a reasonable period of time after receipt by the institution. 

Notifying us of a Change in your E-mail Address - It is your responsibility to provide and maintain a current email address. You must notify us of a change in your email by contacting our Member Service Department at 800-341-9911, option 6, or you can update your email address through online banking.

Hardware and Software Requirements - In order to use Business Online Banking and to access, receive and retain notices electronically, you must confirm that your device will meet these specifications and requirements and will permit you to access and retain any notice electronically each time you access and use Business Online Banking. You must provide at your own expense a device that can access and meet the following requirements:

 Minimum OS:

Windows 7

Mac® macOS® High Sierra (10.13)

Android 5.0 and newer

Recommended OS

Windows 8.1 and newer

Mac® - Most current version

Android 9.0 and newer

iOS 13

Minimum Browser:

Windows – Google Chrome® 30, Mozilla® Firefox® 27, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge any version

Mac® - Safari® 10.0

Android – Google Chrome 30

iOS – Safari 5

Recommended Browser:

Windows – current version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge

Mac® - current version of Safari

Android – current version of Google Chrome

iOS – Safari 13

Additional Requirements:

Sufficient electronic storage capacity on your device

Access to a valid email account

PDF reader software that can access a sample PDF

Android and Chrome are trademarks of Google LLC.

iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license.

Mac, MacOS, and Safari are trademarks of Apple Inc.

Mozilla and Firefox are trademarks of the Mozilla Foundation in the U.S. and other countries.

Change in Hardware and/or Software Specifications - This Agreement is subject to change with notification provided at the discretion of Royal or as required by law.

BY CLICKING THE AGREE BUTTON BELOW You consent to electronic delivery of the Business Online Banking Agreement and other notices or disclosures relating to the Agreement. You confirm that you are able to access information in an electronic form and you also agree that that the institution does not need to provide you with an additional paper (non-electronic) copy of the Agreement unless specifically requested. You agree to the terms and conditions of all applicable notices and disclosures. 

NOTICE: If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, you cannot use Business Online Banking.