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Auto Refinancing

Refinancing your auto loan could lower your monthly payments and save you money

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An auto refinance loan can be a great way to save money! When you refinance your auto loan at a lower rate or different term, you could save money on interest costs or reduce your monthly payment. Even a small monthly savings can add up quickly over the course of your loan. We’re able to refinance most auto loans from other lenders or your existing Royal Credit Union auto loan.

How To Refinance Your Auto Loan

The easiest way to refinance your car or truck loan at Royal Credit Union is to apply for a used vehicle loan online. Fill out the online auto loan application for a used vehicle, entering your existing vehicle's information. There is a notes section in the application where you can let us know this is a refinance loan.

Research Garage

Do your own auto buying research from anywhere! You can shop local inventory, research new vehicles, request a quote, and apply for a loan. Our Royal Credit Union Research Garage is always open, before you ever visit a dealer.

Go to Royal Credit Union Research Garage website

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