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Find Your Member Number

What Is Your Member Number?

Your Member number is a unique number that identifies you in our system. Unlike an account number, which can be shared by more than one person for joint accounts, your Member number is unique to you.

Where Can I Find My Member Number?

There are several places where you can find your Member number.

  • If you’re a new Member, you may have received your Member number at account opening. If you opened your deposit account online, your Member number is accessible in your account opening documents in our application system. If you have a Royal loan, your Member number is usually included with your loan welcome paperwork.
  • In online banking, choose the My Settings option from the top right corner of the screen to see your personal information, including your Member number
  • In our mobile app under the More menu, choose Settings, then My Settings to see your Member number.
  • Your Member number can also be found on your statement. If your statement is for a joint account, the Member number listed on your statement will be for the first account holder listed in the address block.