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The Biggest Shopping Day of the Year: How to Make Your Black Friday Successful

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It’s that time of year again where Black Friday commercials seem to be the only thing playing on TV. Of course, on a day with such fantastic deals, you want to be sure to have a plan to snag those items that you’ve been waiting to find on sale all year. Here are some tips on how to manage your money and time while Black Friday shopping.

1. Check out Advertisements and Apps in Advance

Often, advertisements regarding Black Friday deals are released a few weeks before the big day. Be sure to research the advertisements for your favorite stores to know what items you’re interested in purchasing, and print these advertisements to bring with you into the store to easily keep track.

In addition to releasing advertisements, retailers may share deals on their phone apps. This could be simple Black Friday discounts, app-only exclusives, or notifications to make you aware of the latest deals.

Lastly, join the email list of your favorite retailers or follow them on social media to be easily notified when these advertisements are posted.

2. Make a Plan

Although Black Friday lasts an entire day (and seems to add on more time every year), the best deals may sell out in the first minute of stores opening their doors. Because of this, it is important to create a plan for which stores you’d like to stop at, and what priority one store may take over others.

It is possible that you may need to wait in line at a store to get to the items you want before they sell out. Watch the stores you would like to attend through email or social media so you can be aware of any changes in store hours for the day or if there is a specific time shoppers are able to begin waiting outside.

Since Black Friday is a very crowded shopping day, parking lots are expected to be packed. Make yourself aware of the parking situation ahead of time so you know where parking may be available at the locations you’d like to shop.

3. Take Advantage of Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday

Black Friday is not the only day with deals, Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday are both great shopping days as well! Cyber Monday is reserved for online shopping deals, so if you are unable to go out shopping on Friday, this day is perfect for you. Cyber Monday occurs on the Monday following Black Friday, and happens completely online. Similar to Black Friday, businesses post their deals and advertisements a few weeks in advance, so be sure to check things out online before Monday to know which websites you’d like to access first.

Small Business Saturday focuses on supporting local small businesses. Several businesses take advantage of this day with offers like first in the door freebies and sales promotions. Be sure to follow your favorite local stores on social media, or sign-up for their email lists if they have one to know what they plan to offer. This is also a great day to discover new small businesses in your area and shop local!

4. Stay Safe!

With the expectation of very large crowds on Black Friday, it is important to keep your safety in mind. If you are taking your children shopping, plan a central meeting point in the event you are separated. Be proactive in planning for everyone’s safety, and be sure to communicate with a security guard or store assistant if anyone in your group gets lost.

Avoid removing valuable items from your purse or wallet prior to your turn at the register. Full stores can cause a commotion, and items can be easily dropped or misplaced within crowds.

During the busiest shopping time of the year, it’s also important to stay educated on keeping your information secure and how to avoid falling victim to fraud. For more information on protecting yourself financially, visit our security page .

Black Friday is a great day to get the best deals, and get a head start on your holiday shopping. We hope these tips can help you plan your shopping day ahead of time, take advantage of Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday promotions, and stay safe on the big day!

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