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How To Set Up Direct Deposit

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What Is Direct Deposit?

Direct deposit allows someone to transfer money into your Royal Credit Union account, either once or on an ongoing basis. Direct deposit has the advantage of being much more secure and convenient than using paper checks. Many different organizations, including employers, government agencies, and benefit services allow you to have funds direct deposited into your account.

Set Up Direct Deposit From An Organization

You can set up direct deposit into any Royal deposit account, meaning any savings account, checking account, health savings account, or money market account. Different organizations have different ways to set up direct deposit. Many employers will have you complete an electronic form where you type in your routing number and account number. Some organizations require you to provide a voided check to confirm your account number. Others have their own paper form to fill out. Royal also has a direct deposit form that you can use if the sender doesn’t provide the above options.

Some online services may have a verification step as part of setting up direct deposit. They will transfer a small amount into your account and then withdraw it on the same day. You verify that your account information is accurate and that you have access to the account by confirming the transfer amount.

Once you have direct deposit set up, there’s nothing else you need to do. The funds will arrive in your account according to the timing determined by the sending organization.

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