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Office Services For Members

Royal Credit Union provides a variety of services to our Members at our office locations. In addition to the usual account services, all locations offer the extra in-office services below. Find your nearest location here.

Night Deposit Box

All Royal offices have a night drop deposit box. Members may drop checks to be deposited into the night deposit box while the office is closed and they will be processed the next business day. The night deposit box may sometimes also be used to return paperwork to an office after hours.

Notary Service

All Royal offices provide notary service during normal lobby hours to our Members for free.

Coin Counter

Free coin counters are available for Member use at any office location.

Cashier’s Checks

Cashier’s checks, also known as official checks or certified checks, are available to our Members for free. When a Member obtains a cashier’s check, the funds are withdrawn from their Royal account. Cashier’s check funds are certified by Royal, making them a popular choice for private party transactions because the funds are guaranteed.

Money Orders

Money orders are available to Members for free at any office location. To obtain a money order, funds are withdrawn from a Member’s Royal account. Money order funds are guaranteed for amounts of $1,000 or less, and provide the advantage of allowing stop payments and refunds in some cases.

Prepaid Visa® Cards

Prepaid Visa® cards may be purchased at any Royal office location. To learn more about prepaid Visa® cards, please see here.