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Quicken And QuickBooks Help

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Some Royal Credit Union Members enjoy using the additional features provided by third-party finance software like Quicken® and QuickBooks®. (Quicken is a personal finance management and budgeting tool. QuickBooks is accounting software for small- and medium-sized businesses.) These software systems allow users to connect to accounts at financial institutions, including Royal Credit Union, to import transactions, balances, and other data.

For details on the different ways that Quicken can connect to your Royal Credit Union accounts, please see

For details on connecting QuickBooks to your Royal Credit Union accounts, please see

Please note that if you're experiencing connection issues with these or other third-party financial tools, you often have the option to export and download a compatible file from Royal's online banking platform that can be manually loaded into the program.

Users can register for Direct Connect right from Royal's consumer online banking platform. This feature is found in the Additional Services menu under Other Services, and allows you to create a password to use with Direct Connect from Quicken or QuickBooks.

Quicken, QuickBooks, and similar financial tools are not affiliated with Royal Credit Union. While Royal Credit Union is able to assist with issues related to signing in to your online banking account, such as passwords, we direct requests for additional help to the support resources available on the company's websites. If you need additional assistance, we encourage you to reach out to Quicken or QuickBooks and request support.

Quicken Support Link:

QuickBooks Support Link:

Quicken and QuickBooks are registered trademarks of Intuit Inc.

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