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See Why Everyone Should Have Kwik Cash Overdraft Protection

Overdrawing your checking account can be a costly mistake to make if you’re dinged with NSF charges. If your transaction declines at a merchant, it can also bring your family vacation, shopping trip, or date night to an end. It’s moments like those when you’ll be thankful for Kwik Cash overdraft protection.

Kwik Cash overdraft protection is a line of credit that automatically transfers money to your checking account in $100 increments if the balance goes below zero. It works for all types of transactions, including checks, ACH transactions, and debit card transactions. The best part about Kwik Cash is that once you’re enrolled, it’s like a hidden safety net that kicks in automatically when you really need it. 

You don’t pay anything for just having a Kwik Cash line of credit. And if you do use it, there’s no charge besides the interest on the amount you used. At today’s interest rate, you’ll pay just pennies per $100 borrowed per day. That means if you overdraw your account by $100, you’ll owe less than the cost of a coffee even after a month. It’s a lot less expensive than an NSF charge, and it’s a lot less hassle than leaving your groceries behind while you find another way to add funds to your account.