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Student Loan Servicing Information

Student Loan Help

If you need assistance with your student loan, our student loan vendor can help!

For help with the application process, call 877-526-6765.

For help with an existing Royal Credit Union private student loan, call University Accounting Services at 800-723-2210.

Payments can be mailed to:
University Accounting Services
PO Box 5865
Carol Stream, IL 60197-6491

Sample Student Loan Timeline

Day 1 – Complete the online application.
Day 2-7 – Cosigner signs the application, if applicable.
Day 8-9 – Application is reviewed.
Day 10 – Certification request is sent to your school. The school must certify that the amount of the loan matches the difference between tuition and federal financial aid.
Day 30 – Certification received.
Day 31 – Approval disclosure to student.
Day 34 – Final disclosure to student.
Day 42 – First disbursement sent to school.