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Kid's Club

Kids 12 and under are automatically enrolled in Kid's Club when they open a savings account, and get rewarded for saving with perks and fun prizes.

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About Kid’s Club

Royal Credit Union Kid’s Club is for Members age 12 and younger. Our goal is to help children learn about managing their money in a fun and educational way so they’re prepared for a successful financial future.

When a Member age 12 or younger opens a savings account they will automatically be enrolled in Kid’s Club. The child will receive a welcome packet in the mail with information about Kid’s Club and instructions on how to earn prizes by depositing money into their savings account. Kid’s Club Members receive:

  • A savings passbook
  • A stamp for every deposit and a prize for every fourth deposit
  • Electronic newsletters with valuable education tools and activities to help teach money management
  • Invitations to exclusive Kid’s Club events in your community
  • Download a Transaction Register

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Kid’s Club Events

Royal also sponsors events just for Kid’s Club Members throughout the year in various communities. Enjoy an afternoon at the city pool, a movie in the morning at a local venue, or a fall day at a pumpkin patch. These events are free for Kid’s Club Members and a guest. Invitations are sent via mail or email and mentioned within our seasonal newsletter. Event space is limited and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to sign up early if you’re interested in attending with your child.

Youth Activity Books

Download these fillable Activity Books geared towards ages 4-7 and 8-12! Each book has multiple pages of fun financial education worksheets including word puzzles, coloring pages, trivia, currency addition practice, and more!

Printable Activities