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Royal Credit Union Positive Pay Resources

Thank you for choosing Royal Credit Union's Positive Pay solution for your business's financial needs. Royal partners with ACH Alert, a platform provided by Alkami Solutions, to provide Positive Pay services to our business Members.

Things To Know

  • Royal's Positive Pay service is provided by ACH Alert. The ACH Alert platform is referred to as Fraud Prevention HQ or FPHQ in vendor materials; this is the vendor's official name for the system that Royal Members have access to.
  • There are other vendor names for various Positive Pay elements:
    • Check Positive Pay is referred to as Pro Chex in vendor materials.
    • ACH Positive Pay Debit is referred to as Pro Tech in vendor materials.
    • ACH Positive Pay Credit is referred to as Pro Tech Credit in vendor materials.
  • ACH Alert provides other services that are not part of Royal's Positive Pay offering. You might see references to Bio-Wire, COPS, EDI TransAlert, or PDXACH RT/NOC in vendor materials or on the vendor's video help pages. These are not included in Royal's Positive Pay platform and should be disregarded.

Positive Pay Resources

The user guides below provide in-depth information about using the Positive Pay platform. Please use the Table of Contents on the first few pages to help navigate to the information you need. Here are a few quick guides for common Positive Pay tasks. We've chosen a selection of the most useful vendor-provided videos to explain common topics below.

Questions? Royal Credit Union’s Business Services team is here to help on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please contact us at or 800-341-9911, extension #3040.