Royal Credit Union Foundation Announces $250,000 Gift to the Discovery Center

Apr 27 2016 | Written By Jennifer McHugh, Director of Public Affairs and Financial Education

Osceola, Wisconsin – April 27, 2016 – Inspire…Building a Center of Discovery Campaign announced a $250,000 contribution from Royal Credit Union Foundation in support of the new Discovery Center.

“Royal Credit Union Foundation is pleased to provide a $250,000 gift to the Discovery Center. This is a terrific project for Osceola and the area,” stated John Sackett, Royal Credit Union Foundation President. “We are pleased to be in position to help support this exciting and innovative project.”

“The RCU Foundation’s purpose is to create a positive impact in the lives we touch and the communities we serve,” said John Sackett,  “and the Inspire…Building a Center of Discovery Campaign offered us a chance to make a difference in Osceola, right next door to our office.  The Discovery Center, with “Maker Space” to inspire young learners, along with the community rooms, library and shared common space makes this an ideal facility to meet the needs of the community and perfect project for the RCU Foundation, where our focus is on youth, education and the betterment of the community.”

“This is a wonderful cornerstone level gift from Royal Credit Union Foundation and I want to thank their leadership for making this important investment in our community,” stated Timm Johnson, President of the Mill Pond Learning Foundation.

“Having come from manufacturing, I understand the need to keep and create good manufacturing jobs,” says Mark Kravik, Discovery Center Campaign Chair. “A really good manufacturing job – tool and die, machinist, assembler – still offer a very good middle class wage. The Fab Lab and Business Center will be an incubator and pipeline for quality employees.”

The Discovery Center will be home to the MIT Fab Lab, Library, Senior Center, Business Incubator, and Community Spaces which are so critical to our community’s vibrancy. We have a responsibility to build it and maintain it for the present and for the future,” Kravik emphasized. 

Kravik commented, “With Royal Credit Union Foundation’s generous gift today -- and with the contribution from others -- together, we can create this state-of-the-art facility that will inspire and serve our community for generations to come.”

In recognition for the the cornerstone level gift the Discovery Center will now be home to the Royal Credit Union Business and Video Teleconference Center.

The Discovery Center will provide children with more opportunities for educational learning. Teens will have a much-needed safe place to gather after school. Seniors will have more resources designed with their needs in mind. The business community will have access to meeting rooms wired with high speed Internet and hub with the tools for the knowledge economy. 

The Discovery Center will be a unique gathering place where people will have access to all the community spaces on one floor – including the Fab Lab, Senior/Community Center, Library Collection Spaces and a number of gallery and exhibit spaces. The Village spaces will also be self-contained on one floor.

The total cost of the project is $6 million.  The capital campaign, relying on philanthropic donations from corporate and private foundations and individual donors, will fund $4 million dollars for the Discovery Center.  The Village of Osceola will finance $2.2 million for their dedicated spaces and share of the common areas from funds secured through the successful April 2015 Bond Referendum. When in full operation our financial models show the center will be financially self-sufficient. No philanthropic dollars will be used for the Village space.

Mill Pond Learning Foundation, is a public/private partnership with the Village of Osceola, Osceola Public Library and the community of Osceola.  The vision is to promote, raise funds for and provide project leadership in the development and construction of a new facility to replace the current library.