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5.15% APY* 9-Month Certificate Special Offer Available!

Royal certificates can help you save for all of life’s milestones.

Watch your dreams and savings grow with a certificate!

Whether you’re saving for college, a vacation, wedding, or a down payment on a house, a Royal certificate can help you reach your savings goals faster. With no minimum opening balance and a guaranteed return on your investment, you can earn more money back on your personal, IRA, or business certificates!

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How Does A Certificate Work?

A certificate is a special account that earns a higher interest rate in exchange for leaving your money in the account for a set period of time. There is also no minimum balance required to open a certificate, so you can open one with any amount of money.

Want to learn more about saving with certificates? Check out our latest Money Donuts® podcast!

Who Should Have A Certificate?

If you’re saving for a future goal and don’t need your money right now, a certificate is a smart option for anyone! They’re especially popular with people who enjoy earning higher rates without worrying about investment risk. Certificates are popular with retirees and those near retirement looking for an investment that isn’t subject to the ups and downs of the stock market. Certificates also make an excellent medium-term savings vehicle for bigger goals like weddings or vacations. Certificates are also a good choice for kids’ savings accounts if you know they won’t need access to the money.


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