Mystery? Rom-com? Suspense thriller?

Life's a page-turner.

The plot-twists of life can be stressful enough; managing your money shouldn't be. Royal offers a breadth and depth of personal financial services products, just like the big guys, but delivered with a hometown credit union touch.

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Your checking account is your workhorse. You’ll use it to pay for everything from rent and groceries to your online video subscription. Simply put, your checking account is more than just a safe place to keep your money. It’s where you’ll manage your life. And we want to make that easier, with account options that fit your lifestyle. Learn More

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Every story has a cool setting - and often there's a fast car or beefy truck involved. Or maybe you'd like your story to feature a fun new toy or a leisurely RV trip through the prairies of our heartland, or the mountains out West. We offer an array of loan products to help you. Learn More

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You have a go-to hoodie or shirt for just relaxing and lounging around, right? Sure, everyone does! And while you probably wouldn’t describe it as "flashy," it sure is great to have around. It's kind of the same thing with investment tools: it feels good and ensures you'll be comfortable later. Learn More


If your story features some little rascals, Kid’s Club is a great way to get them in the habit of saving. It’s never too early. (Our convenient, free coin counters make it easy for them to empty their piggy banks; we know from experience they love that clanging sound.) With every four deposits, they can get a cool prize! Chat with us to get the kiddo in your life signed up. Learn More


Growing up is hard. One minute, you’re cramming for finals - and the next, you’re expected to have your life in order. While you’re desperately searching for a big-person job, you’re also budgeting for rent, bills, and groceries. Don’t worry, though; The Smart Connection is here to help make the awkward financial part of adult life a whole lot easier. Learn More

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Our folks are always thinking up new ways to help you! We know you want easy, super-convenient ways to manage and access your money. Our philosophy is simple: you should have access to your accounts anytime, anywhere and in a manner that best fits your life. And we offer a bevy of services that help you do just that. Learn More