Start 'em young

Good saving habits can follow them through adulthood.

If you ask us, saving money is never tougher than when you’re a kid. Every toy, candy bar, and coin-operated ride seems like an irresistible beacon of joy. But what if, even with all these amazing temptations, we could somehow teach kids to save? Parents, say hello to Kid's Club, the fun way to turn your candy monsters into monster savers.

So what is Kid's Club?
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When your child joins Kid's Club, they’ll learn saving pays off in a big way. With their very own savings account, kids can watch their money grow like magic. Along the way, we’ll reward them for being good savers with prizes and an official Royal Credit Union membership card.

What else does Kid's Club Offer?
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With Kid's Club, we go beyond the piggy bank. With games, activities, and other fun stuff, we teach kids all sorts of money management skills that will follow them for the rest of their lives.

April is National Credit Union Youth Month

Science of Saving

Visit Royal Credit Union in April and help us celebrate “The Science of Saving”.  We will have prizes and help teach kids about how to save for the future.  All Members 12 years old and younger can register to win a great Science and Savings prize basket!  Each Royal office will have a winner and one classroom winner at each of our elementary and middle school School $ense locations. 

Money Smart Week – April 21-28

Money Smart Week

During Money Smart Week hundreds of financial institutions, schools, libraries, and other organizations across the country come together to share the importance of financial literacy and to provide free educational seminars and activities. Be sure to keep an eye out for Money Smart Week events in your community!  Open a new Kid’s Club Savings Account for your child during Money Smart Week at any Royal Credit Union office, and we will deposit the initial $5.00 into the account! The offer is available to children 12 years old and younger; only one new savings account per person is allowed. Offer valid from April 1 to April 30, 2018.

Double Stamps!
Kid’s Club Members will receive double stamps on their Super Saver cards during Money Smart Week.

How can I sign up?
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Just stop by one of our local offices with your child, and we’ll get them ready to go. Once they’re part of this exclusive troop of super savers, we’ll give both of you the inside scoop on fun upcoming Kid's Club events.