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Happy Retirement, Lori Zachau!

Congratulations to Lori Zachau on her retirement! Lori is currently a Member Account Representative at the Eau Claire Downtown office and her last day with Royal will be on December 1, 2023.

Photo of Lori

Lori started at Royal in June 1983, as a part-time Teller at the Barstow Court office. In her 40-year tenure, Lori has continued making a positive impact in the lives of our Members on the teller line. Her positions have included Teller, Assistant Head Teller, Head Teller, Office Manager, Teller II and Member Account Representative. After the closure of Barstow Court office, Lori also worked at the Birch Street office, the Graham Riverside office, the Bellinger office and most recently has enjoyed working at the new Eau Claire Downtown office. She has always loved serving the downtown Members throughout her career, and a lot of friendships were made over the past 40 years!

During her time at Royal, Lori shared her expertise by participating on special internal committees to help create new efficiencies and develop ways to better serve Members and non-Members in our offices.  

When asked about what she will miss most about working at Royal, Lori shared she will miss the camaraderie with team members and her downtown Members most. She will also miss telling stories to the younger generation on the Royal history that she lived through. She loves talking with her long-term Members about “the old days” and visiting with them in the Uniroyal room at the Eau Claire Downtown office. In her retirement, Lori is looking forward to making her own schedule and being able to connect with her kids and grandkids more. Eventually, she will look for something to fill a few days a week such as volunteering or a fun part-time job. Lori is also excited to have time to go travel and visit her friends in Texas.

Thank you, Lori, for your 40 years of service and dedication to our Members, team members, and communities. You have truly made a difference and will be dearly missed.

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