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Socially Distant Fun

Everyone is probably tired of hearing about COVID-19 at this point but we are here to share some fun things you can do while maintaining social distance. During these unprecedented times, we have the chance to try new things and focus on our immediate family. Everyone should take advantage of this opportunity to grow. Use this time to pick up a new hobby or try something you have always wanted to do! Some popular hobbies include knitting, woodworking, baking, sewing, photography, and painting. You could use your new hobby to brighten someone’s day by sending them something you created or even just a letter. This is also a great time to finish things you have on your to-do list such as a completing a daunting puzzle, organizing a messy closet, finishing yard work, or repainting a furniture piece. Try to find time to go outside as well! Fishing, hiking, kayaking, geocaching and walking the dogs are all great ways to get some fresh air while still being socially distant. You can also catch up on your favorite TV show or video call family members. These are just a few of the many ways that you can have fun while staying safe and healthy. Let’s all take this time to grow and try new things! Please send us a picture or use the #royalvolunteers hashtag to show us what you are up to besides volunteering.


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