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Disputing A Debit Card Transaction At Royal Credit Union

This article provides helpful information about disputing a transaction or charge on a Royal Credit Union debit card.

When Can You Dispute A Transaction?

If a merchant charges your Royal debit card incorrectly, you may be able to dispute the transaction. A dispute can be filed for billing errors where:

  • Your debit card was charged for a product or service that you previously cancelled
  • You received a product that was defective, damaged, or different from what you ordered
  • You did not receive a product or service that you ordered
  • Your debit card was charged two or more times for the same transaction
  • You were billed an incorrect amount
  • You previously paid for a charge using another payment method

You must dispute a transaction within 60 days of receiving the statement showing the billing error.

You must also first attempt to resolve the billing error with the merchant before disputing a transaction.

How Can You Dispute A Debit Card Transaction?

We recommend attempting to resolve the billing error with the merchant before disputing a transaction. Merchants are often able to resolve errors more quickly compared to the dispute process.

To dispute a debit card charge from within the last three months, you can use the Dispute Transactions option within the Card Management feature of online banking or our mobile app.

To access the card management feature:

In Royal’s personal online banking system on the web, log in and open the Cards menu. Then select Card Management.

Or, in Royal’s mobile app, log in and go to the More menu. Then, select Card Management under the Cards section.

You’ll see a listing of all the payment cards you can manage. Tap a card to see more options. (If you have just one card, you’ll see the options for your card right away.)

Screen shot of Royal's app

Select the Dispute Transactions option to begin the dispute process. You’ll need to identify the transaction you are disputing and answer questions about the dispute. Follow the process until you receive confirmation that your dispute was successfully submitted.

You can also visit a Royal office or call Member Service to dispute a charge. The Dispute Transactions option and Card Management feature are not available in business online banking or our business mobile app experience. Business online banking and business mobile app experience users must dispute transactions at a Royal office or by calling Member Service.

What Happens After Disputing A Transaction?

Once you begin disputing a transaction, in some cases Royal may offer to reimburse you for the amount in question. This reimbursement is called provisional credit.

Royal will present your dispute to our card processor for review and resolution. Disputes are typically resolved within 60 days, although this timeline can vary.

While the dispute is being reviewed, Royal or our card processor may contact you to request additional information or ask clarifying questions. You’ll need to respond to these inquiries in a timely manner to avoid delays and continue the dispute process.

If the dispute is resolved with the conclusion that the transaction was a billing error, you keep any funds received as provisional credit. If you didn’t receive provisional credit yet, you will receive it at this time.

If the dispute is resolved with the conclusion that the transaction was not a billing error, you will be required to repay any provisional credit funds that you received.

If you have questions about disputes that aren’t answered above, we’re here to help. Please contact Member Service or visit any Royal office.

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