Switch To Our Combined Mobile App

Delete the "Royal Credit Union - Business" app and start using the "Royal Credit Union" app

Start Using The Royal Credit Union Mobile App

It's time to start using Royal's "Royal Credit Union" mobile app instead of the "Royal Credit Union - Business" app. Users can log in and manage both personal and business accounts from the same app!

Combined App Details

  • The "Royal Credit Union - Business" app is no longer supported and will stop working in the near future. Please delete Royal’s business mobile app "Royal Credit Union - Business" and use the latest version of our "Royal Credit Union" mobile app. Users can download the "Royal Credit Union" app from their mobile device's app store.

Tap the icon to toggle between saved loginsSelect from a list of saved users

  • With the "Royal Credit Union" app, both personal and business users can log in and manage accounts from the same login page.
  • Users can save separate personal and business usernames and passwords. If you've saved separate personal and business logins, you will be prompted to select either your personal or business login when you log in to the app. You can also select a saved user from the login page by tapping the switch user icon circled above.
  • Besides the new login page, no other features of the business mobile experience will change. Once you log in, you will see the same business account features that you are used to in the same experience, separate from any personal accounts.
  • There will be no impact to preferences, scheduled transfers, or other saved informationRoyal’s desktop business online banking platform is not impacted by this change.
  • There will be no changes to the personal account experience in our app or personal online banking. The business account experience remains separate from the personal account experience. Some business Members, such as sole proprietors, have access to both personal and business accounts in Royal’s personal account experience. These business Members will continue to log in to the personal experience.

Businesses With Multiple Users

  • If you are the business online banking administrator for your organization, please share this information with any other business users at your organization who use the business mobile app.

How Combined Logins Work

  • For details about how our app accommodates both personal and business users, please see our article about saving personal and business login info in the new combined app. 

Why Is This Changing?

  • As a credit union, Royal exists to serve our Members. We recognize the need to continue to offer digital banking solutions that make things easier for our Members. Switching to a combined mobile app will increase convenience for Members that have both business and personal account relationships with Royal.
  • A combined app will also allow a more consistent release schedule for feature enhancements and updates. Our separate Royal Business app was no longer being updated regularly.
  • A combined app positions Royal to take advantage of opportunities for future digital banking features that will have positive impacts for both personal and business Members. While no major changes are currently planned, we are always exploring opportunities to enhance our digital experiences for the benefit of our Members.