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Go Big or Go Broke®

Royal’s financial education team has had a busy couple of weeks debuting their newest signature program at two college events. In this fast-pace game, players take turns tossing giant dice and exploring financial themes with a combination of trivia, decision-making and random chance encounters along the way.

Royal’s financial education team spent two years developing Go Big or Go Broke® and were originally planning to launch the program in April of 2020. Unfortunately, these plans had to be put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the debut had to be delayed for more than a year.

This month, the team was finally able to take the game to students at UW meets Eau Claire in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and Meet Menomonie at the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie, WI. Each event was an opportunity for both incoming and existing students to connect with local businesses in their community. Between both events, more than 160 students were able to join in the fun and play.

Go Big or Go Broke® is easy to play and has lots of surprises to keep it fun. Players move around the game board by rolling a giant dice. Depending on the space they land on, they have to answer a financial education question based on real decisions they may be currently facing. Questions are themed around trivia, decision, or chance and give players the opportunity to either earn or lose money balls depending on the answer. They also have a chance to end up in the fan favorite Money Pit or the not-so-great Credit Chaos corner. Both of these spaces teach students the impact that their financial decisions can have on them both good and bad.

AJ, a senior at UW-Eau Claire, shared that his favorite part of the game was the Money Pit, exclaiming, “It’s the whole reason I walked over!”  A trip to the Money Pit gives players a chance to sit in a large ball pit located in the center of the game board and throw as many money balls as they can into a basket in 10 seconds. Each money ball they make in the basket is worth $100. The game ends when the 12 minute game timer runs out or if a player crosses the finish line before time is up. Players add up their money balls and the player with the highest total wins a VISA gift card. The remaining players get to head to the swag table to spend their winnings. With a variety of snacks, Go Big or Go Broke® branded items, tchotchkes and more, there is something for everyone to leave feeling like a winner. All players also receive a really cool pair of Go Big or Go Broke® socks to wear during the game that they get to keep!

We are so excited to have added this engaging and educational game to our signature program list and can’t wait to share it with more college campuses in our communities! If you are interested in hosting Go Big or Go Broke® on your campus, please reach out to us at

Photos of the Go Broke Event



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