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About Online Banking And Joint Accounts

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If you’re a joint account holder, you may be wondering how that affects your access to online banking. Maybe you’re a couple with joint savings and checking accounts and would both like access to everything. Or if you’re a joint account holder on a child’s account in addition to your regular checking account, you’ll want to keep your child’s online banking access separate from your regular checking account.

The answer is that each Member at Royal Credit Union needs their own username and password for online banking.

Royal Credit Union grants access to accounts in online banking based on Member number. The Member number is unique to each person. By using a Member number, we can make sure that no matter your situation you have access to the accounts you’re a joint owner on. We can also keep your accounts private from non-owners.

Even if you are a couple who are joint owners on all your accounts, each of you needs to have your own login. Only the person linked to the login will receive online banking multi-factor authentication codes via text, phone, or email. And Royal Credit Union Member Service is only able to assist the person linked to the login with unlocking their online banking account if needed. For these reasons, each Member at Royal Credit Union needs their own account for online banking.

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