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Certificate Management In Mobile & Online Banking

Certificate Management is a feature of Royal Credit Union’s mobile app and online banking that lets you manage your certificate and Lock & Earn accounts. You can use Certificate Management to change your maturity settings and add or remove funds to or from your certificate or Lock & Earn account while it’s in the grace period. Certificate Management is only available for Royal Members using our personal mobile app experience and personal online banking. It is also only available for standard certificates and Lock & Earn accounts; IRA and HSA certificates aren’t eligible to be managed with this feature.


Accessing Certificate Management


In Royal’s personal online banking system on the web, log in and open the Money Management menu. Then select Certificate Management.

Or, in Royal’s mobile app, log in and go to the More menu. Then, tap the Services section and select the Certificate Management feature.

You’ll see a listing of all the certificates and Lock & Earn accounts you can manage. Select an account to see more options.

You can also use the link below to jump directly to the Certificate Management feature after you log in:

Go To Certificate Management


Managing Your Certificate

18 month certificate example

Number 1 Icon See Certificate Info

When you select a certificate, you can see detailed information about it, including the current amount of interest earned, the maturity date, and the current maturity renewal instructions.

Number 2 Icon Manage Maturity Settings

You can change the certificate maturity instructions. By default, Royal certificates automatically renew when the certificate term ends. You can request that the certificate be closed instead.

Number 3 Icon Manage Earned Interest

You can change how the certificate’s earned interest is handled. Most certificates default to compounding earned interest back to the certificate account, but you can elect to have earned interest transferred to another Royal account monthly.

Number 4 Icon Add Or Withdraw Funds During Grace Period

During the certificate’s grace period, you can add or withdraw funds. The grace period is a ten-day period starting on the certificate’s maturity date. During the grace period, you can withdraw funds from the certificate and deposit them into another Royal account (up to the full amount of the certificate, which will close the account) or add funds to the certificate from another Royal account.


Managing Earned Interest


Most certificates default to compounding earned interest back to the certificate account. You can elect to have earned interest transferred to another Royal account monthly. If you make this election, your change will take effect on the next interest accrual date shown in the screen below.

6 Month certificate management screenshot

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