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Credit & Debit Card Security

Did you know that there are several security features in place to protect your Royal Credit Union debit card or Platinum Rewards Visa®? These security features help protect you from fraud 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How Does Royal Protect Your Debit Or Credit Cards?

Royal's card processor uses software to monitor both online and in-person cardholder activity for potentially fraudulent transactions. This intuitive software is able to analyze spending patterns, review authorizations in real-time and potentially block transactions that meet specific risk criteria. This helps mitigate the risk of fraud and protects your card.

  • We look for large or unusual purchases or suspicious activity, and notify you if either one occurs.
  • We may notify you about suspected fraud via a free text message or phone call, depending on the type of phone number associated with your account. You can easily review your contact information using the self-service options in online banking or our mobile app.
  • We help protect your online purchases with Visa Secure
  • Because of these security features, it is important to notify Royal if you plan to travel outside the country. Please submit a travel memo using the instructions found here.

How Can You Protect Your Debit Or Credit Cards?

  • Monitor your statements or account activity regularly to verify that all of the activity is yours. If you need to dispute a transaction or report fraudulent activity, take action as soon as possible.
  • Treat your debit card in the same manner as you would cash.
  • Keep your PIN in a safe and secure location, separate from the card it belongs to.
  • If you submit a debit or credit transaction and the retailer advises you that the transaction is not going through, ask for a copy of the void slip from them whenever possible.
  • Always verify the amount of the purchase or withdrawal is accurate before completing the transaction.
  • If a retailer refunds your debit card or credit card for a transaction, keep a copy of their refund receipt. While most refunds will post much sooner, if you do not receive the credit within 30 days please contact us.
  • Whenever possible keep copies of receipts, invoices, terms and conditions, and other transaction documents and get contact information from the retailer.
  • Be aware of scam or phishing calls. If you get a call telling you that you won a vacation or another prize, never give out your card number or personal information. Other examples of scams or phishing include timeshares, overseas lotteries, remote computer repair and mobile phone or satellite television insurance.