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Business Member Story: How Hikers Brew Uses Royal’s Business Credit Card

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Hikers Brew coffee company founders Zach and Addy started their business to solve a problem for people who love both the outdoors and coffee. “We saw a lot of people bringing bulky containers with them, or zip-top bags with ground coffee,” shared Zach. “We wanted to create a product so people could make quality coffee outdoors without having to waste any of the packaging. We have a compostable pouch that’s a lot better for the environment.”

Hikers Brew’s relationship with Royal Credit Union business banker Blake Willson also helped them solve another problem. Zach explained, “We brought Blake a problem, which was not being able to buy packaging or buy beans ahead of time for some of our larger orders. Blake’s solution to that was to get us a Royal credit card.”

Royal Credit Union’s Business Rewards Visa credit card offers businesses an easy way to increase their short-term purchasing power and repay their balance later. It has a lower everyday interest rate compared to many mainstream credit cards, so business Members will pay less interest if they need to carry a balance for a few months before repayment. Royal’s business credit card also has a different application process compared to a business loan, which may make it easier to qualify. “We have a good amount of things that we need to purchase up front that we don’t necessarily have the cash for,” Zach said. “Being able to purchase things in advance and pay it off later is very convenient for us.”


Hikers Brew Team Members


By pairing their credit card with their business operating accounts at Royal, Hikers Brew is also able to save time. “We have our business checking account and savings account at Royal,” said Addy. “We’re able to transfer money between accounts and pay off our credit card bills that way.” Making a transfer in Royal’s business online banking or mobile app is fast and easy.

Flexibility was one of the main reasons that Zach and Addy decided to pursue their dream and launch Hikers Brew. “A flexible schedule is huge,” noted Addy. “Every day is different. Some days we’re responding to emails, working on our marketing strategy, or doing sales calls. Other days we’re at the roastery in full production mode, roasting, packaging, and shipping.” Zach agreed, and noted that while sustainability was always the focus, being able to control their own time was also important. It’s no surprise that the Hikers Brew team also appreciates the flexibility and control that Royal’s business credit card provides.

Business banking at Royal is about creating a long-term financial partnership. Addy and Zach wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Royal Credit Union to other small businesses based on their experience with Hikers Brew. “When you see a credit union care about your local community so much that they’re attending or hosting events, it shows that Royal cares. No Member at Royal is just a number,” said Zach. “The Royal business team and Blake want to engage with Members. They really want to see businesses succeed.”


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