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How To Use Bill Pay

What Is Bill Pay?

Bill Pay allows Members to pay merchants and people electronically or by paper check, depending on the recipient. This is a free service that gives you control over who you pay and when you pay. You can set up one-time or scheduled payments. If a paper check is sent, Bill Pay even provides an envelope and postage for free.

Bill Pay is best used to pay bills outside of Royal Credit Union. If you want to pay a loan at Royal, use the Payment options under the Move Money tab in online banking.

To use Bill Pay, Members must be 18 or older with a Royal checking account. The account must be open for at least one business day. Members will also need online banking access and a U.S. phone number.

Bill Pay is an optional benefit for Royal Members. You do not have to use Bill Pay. You always have the option to make payment arrangements separately from Bill Pay. For example, you may be able to use your routing and account numbers or send a check on your own.

How Do I Use Bill Pay?

Initial Setup

1.    Choose the Bill Pay option in online banking or the mobile app.
2.    If you haven’t used Bill Pay before, you’ll need to confirm your information.

Add A Payee

3.    Once initial setup is complete, add a new payee using the “Need to pay someone new” field. Type the payee name, such as a company name or individual first and last name, into the field and choose Add.
4.    If Bill Pay recognizes the payee, the address will be on file, otherwise you will need to enter the billing address. 
5.    Enter and confirm your account number with that payee (for example, your utility account number from the bill, not your checking account number).

Specify Amount And Date

6.    Enter an amount to pay and choose the due date. Available payment dates will be displayed in blue. Dates that are not available, including holidays, weekends, or dates that would not allow Bill Pay to deliver the payment in time are grayed out. Note that funds may be sent electronically or by paper check, indicated by the lightning bolt or check icon. 
7.    You may schedule automatic recurring payments, select expedited payment options for a fee, or set a payment reminder notification from the Options menu.
8.    You can also choose the account to pay from if you have more than one checking account.

Schedule The Payment

9.    Choose the Pay button to schedule the payment. Once scheduled, you may edit or cancel the payment using the My Payments window. You can also review your payment history using the View Payment History link.
10.    For electronic payments, funds are debited from your checking account on the due date. For paper checks, the funds are debited from your checking account when the payee processes the check and it clears your account.

Bill Pay Questions

Why Hasn't My Bill Pay Payment Posted?

Bill Pay funds are withdrawn only when a payment clears your account. If a paper check is sent, the funds will not be withdrawn from your account until the recipient deposits the check, the same as if you wrote a personal check on your account. If you suspect a Bill Pay payment is lost or missing, first verify the payee information and confirm they did not receive the payment. Then contact Member Service for help. We are able to place a stop payment on a paper check or assist with missing ACH payments.

How Do I Fund Bill Pay From A Different Account?

Only checking accounts can be set up as Bill Pay funding accounts. You can change which checking account Bill Pay transactions are taken from. Choose the Manage Funding Accounts option to see the checking accounts that are set up. Use the Add An Account option to enter a different checking account. Bill Pay will deposit and withdraw a small amount from the new account and have you confirm the amount to verify that the new account is active.

Can I Choose Whether A Payment Is Sent Electronically Or By Check?

An electronic payment will automatically be selected for payees that have the ability to accept it. Many smaller companies and individuals do not have the ability to accept electronic Bill Pay payments, so those payments are sent as a paper check.

Will My Payment Arrive On Time?

As long as you schedule the Bill Pay payment date on or before the actual payment due date, your payment should arrive on time. If payment is sent as a paper check, Bill Pay will automatically send the payment ahead of time to allow for mail transit time. How early a payment is mailed depends on the recipient's address. For paper check payments, Bill Pay will not allow you to select a payment date that is before a paper check could arrive (for example, you cannot select a paper check for the same day you set up a payment). If you suspect a payment arrived late due to a processing or postal error, please contact Member Service.

If I Sent The Wrong Amount In Bill Pay, What Should I Do?

If you accidentally set up a Bill Pay payment for the wrong amount, you may still be able to cancel or edit your payment. To edit or cancel payments from online banking, look for the red X or yellow pencil options under the Scheduled Payments area on the right side of the screen. To cancel payments from the mobile app, go to Bill Pay in the app and select Scheduled Payments to see payments that can be canceled. If you can't edit or cancel the payment, you will need to contact the recipient for a refund or credit. Because Bill Pay transactions are authorized by Members, they cannot be disputed as an unauthorized transaction.

How Do I Stop Or Change A Recurring Payment?

From the Bill Pay screen, open the Options menu from the link under the recipient's name. Select the Automatic Payment tab, then choose Turn Off and confirm the cancellation. To change a recurring payment, cancel it and set up a new automatic payment.

Why Is My Bill Pay Account Locked?

Bill Pay may be locked if Bill Pay suspects fraudulent activity on your account. Bill Pay will also be locked if a payment causes an insufficient funds (NSF) situation to occur. Bill Pay will attempt to contact you if either of these situations occur.

What If My Payee Changed Their Name?

If your Bill Pay recipient is a large company, they will often update their name with the Bill Pay service and it will change automatically.